On-demand webinar

Intraoperative OCT-guided anterior segment surgery – confirm your surgical decision

5 August 2021 · 56 min watch

Prof. Iva Dekaris

University Eye Hospital Svjetlost, Zagreb, Croatia


Prof. Jod S. Mehta

Singapore National Eye Center, Singapore


Intraoperative OCT-guided anterior segment surgery

Prof. Jod S. Mehta and Prof. Iva Dekaris discuss the value of intraoperative OCT in making more informed decisions in corneal and cataract surgeries. In this webinar, the speakers demonstrate clinical cases sharing practical tips on leveraging real-time visual information.


  • Practical case demonstrations, such as intraoperative OCT-guided
          ◦   DSEAK
          ◦   DMEK
            ◦   Confirmatory biopsy in cases of suspected conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)
            ◦   Intralesional alcohol injection in epithelial iris cyst treatment
            ◦   Implantation of a piggyback IOL in the ciliary sulcus to correct post-PK refractive error
  • Tips & tricks from your peers
  • Interactive panel discussions
  • Q&A
  • Panel discussions

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