ZEISS Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Systems
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ZEISS Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Systems

Designed for the way you work

In 1996, ZEISS introduced the first OCT system in eye care and since then OCT has become the standard of care in eye clinics. We understand our commitment doesn’t stop there. Every day we are continuously working with clinicians like you to further advance OCT technology and provide solutions that are designed for the way your work, for every type of practice.


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High-performance OCT from ZEISS


CIRRUS® 6000 is the next-generation OCT/OCTA from ZEISS, delivering high-speed image capture at 100,000 scans per second with HD imaging detail and a wider field of view, so clinicians can make more informed decisions and spend more time with their patients.

Full-spectrum OCT from ZEISS


CIRRUS 5000 is the full-spectrum powerhouse OCT/OCTA tailored for busy comprehensive practices. With its growing library of applications, CIRRUS 5000 includes the latest in retina and glaucoma diagnostics, such has OCT angiography and en face imaging, all with the efficiency and reliability to meet the demands of today’s clinical practice.

Swept-Source OCT from ZEISS

ZEISS PLEX Elite 9000

PLEX Elite 9000 Swept-Source OCT is a transformational new technology from ZEISS that invites retina and glaucoma researchers into a new world of structural and microvascular clarity of the anatomy.

ZEISS, the pioneer

... did you know?

  • 1996

    First commercial OCT, ZEISS OCT 1 introduced by ZEISS

  • >50%

    Today, more than half of all Optical Coherence Tomography Systems in ophthalmological practices are ZEISS OCTs

  • ~200

    Approximately 200 publications from ZEISS on advancing OCT technology like Swept-Source OCT shows our commitment to pushing the boundaries in eyecare