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ZEISS Phacoemulsification, Lens Fragmentation and Surgical Packs

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QUATERA® 700 from ZEISS unleashes a new experience in phaco surgery. Complement with OPTIKIT® from ZEISS, to receive a customizable surgical pack and save time in surgical preparation. miLOOP® from ZEISS introduces a microinterventional device designed to deliver zero-energy1 endocapsular lens fragmentation. All to optimize your surgical workflow.

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QUATERA 700 from ZEISS marks a milestone in cataract surgery, assisting you in making your surgical workflow even more efficient.

ZEISS VISALIS 500 family

Quality phacoemulsification system ZEISS VISALIS S500 for premium cataract technologies and ZEISS VISALIS V500 featuring cataract and additional posterior vitrectomy functions.


The reliable phacoemulsification system ZEISS Visalis 100 meets the economic needs and cost-effectiveness of your practice. Unique in it's class - everything you need and more than you would expect.


The new ZEISS miLOOP is a microinterventional device, designed to deliver zero-energy1 endocapsular lens fragmentation.


Truly customizable surgical packs, including phaco accessories for ZEISS QUATERA 700, ZEISS miLOOP and disposable components, to complete a single cataract procedure.

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