Lens extraction device


The future of lens extraction in your hands.

  • Gentle patient treatment
  • Broadening the intraocular working space
  • Quick OR setup

Gentle patient treatment

Crystalline lens extraction without ultrasound

An asymmetric movement of the cutter tube allows ZEISS MICOR 700 to operate without cavitation i.e. the retraction velocity is slower than the advance velocity. ZEISS MICOR 700 thereby reduces thermal energy from surgery, which is associated with damage to ocular tissue.

Broadening the intraocular working space

A new patented blunt and rounded tip design

The ZEISS MICOR 700 tip is designed to be gentle in contact with the surrounding tissue. Due to the new blunt tip design with rounded edges, it minimizes the risk of tissue damage. Surveyed surgeons reported that ZEISS MICOR 700 increases the comfort zone for maneuvering within the capsular bag.

Quick OR setup

Free of a console. Single-use front end, reusable back end

The ZEISS MICOR 700 uses a completely disposable fluidics system and provides a fully sterile environment for each patient. Surveyed staff reported that ZEISS MICOR 700 saves time over the whole surgical day (including set-up and breakdown of the OR in between cases).

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