Tailoring radiotherapy to the needs of your patient

Tailoring radiotherapy to the needs of your patient

Procedure workflows in radiotherapy

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Immediate treatment precisely where needed

Neuro tumor treatments are one of the most challenging disciplines. Our ZEISS Tumor Workflow helps you to reconsider the standard of care and supports you with most precise, faster and overall more efficient treatment options than today.

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Increasing the overall survival for early-stage breast cancer

Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) for breast cancer using ZEISS technology enables a precise treatment which can reduce the risk of recurrence, increase the overall survival and reduce side-effects such as pain and cosmesis compared to conventional radiotherapy treatments.1,2,3,4

ZEISS Ophthalmology Connecting your procedure workflow
ZEISS Ophthalmology Connecting your procedure workflow

The benefits of intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) using ZEISS technology

ZEISS Solution for radiotherapy

IORT enables a targeted, risk-adapted and interdisciplinary treatment of various tumors, such as neuro tumors or breast cancer but also other indications. By using low energy x-rays IORT can be given with a high dose, precisely into the tumor or directly after resection to the tumor bed.

ZEISS Intrabeam 600

ZEISS INTRABEAM 600: Melding two worlds into one benefit.

Combining surgery and radiotherapy, ZEISS INTRABEAM 600 enables an individual IORT treatment ensuring that skin and deeper structures are protected and a shorter duration of the radiation therapy compared to external beam radiation therapy (EBRT). This can also reduce associated side effects and enhances treatment comfort for the patient – a key element in increased quality of life.1

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