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Efficient and effective data management has never been more important in providing quality care than it is right now.

FORUM® from ZEISS is the leading ophthalmic data management solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of any practice or hospital setting. ZEISS FORUM and its clinical workplaces facilitate assessment and management of eye diseases by providing seamless data integration of diagnostic devices and ultimately guiding treatment decisions for better patient care, from a single workstation.

Experience data-driven eye care from ZEISS


FORUM from ZEISS is a scalable and flexible eye care data management solution designed for every practice, large or small, to streamline practice workflows and better inform clinical decision making.

ZEISS EQ Workplace

ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace

ZEISS Refractive Workplace1

ZEISS Retina Workplace

Making data work for you: Advancing your ophthalmic workflow

Data management solutions from ZEISS are part of the ZEISS Medical Ecosystem which combines unsurpassed ocular expertise with digital technology – connecting devices, data and applications – to support you in optimizing your clinical management of patients.

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    Refractive Workplace is available in the USA as a software classified as non medical device.