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Setting the standard for premier quality retinal photos since 1926, ZEISS continues to develop game-changing fundus imaging solutions – from essential, high-resolution diagnostic technology to specialty, True Color, ultra-widefield innovations.

Setting the standard for excellence in fundus photography.

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VISUSCOUT 100 handheld fundus camera from ZEISS


Reliably detecting and monitoring retinal disorders is key to ensuring high-quality care and maintaining the vision of your patients. The VISUSCOUT® 100 from ZEISS lets you do precisely that. As a lightweight and compact fundus camera, it is the perfect simple retinal imaging companion which easily captures color and red-free images instantly with the 40° field of view.



CLARUS™ 500 from ZEISS is the only fundus imaging system that combines True Color and clarity within an ultra-wide field of view, enabling clinicians to manage patients with confidence. Empower your practice with the flexibility of FAF blue, FAF green, external, stereo and Infrared (IR) image capture modalities. Take advantage of comprehensive practice support resources including patient education and marketing resources that make it simple to educate patients about ultra-widefield fundus imaging while growing your practice.



As the latest addition to the ZEISS ultra-widefield portfolio, ZEISS CLARUS 700 combines ultra-widefield imaging with True Color, excellent clarity and a complete suite of imaging modalities. CLARUS 700 takes all the features and benefits of the CLARUS 500 and elevates its application in specialty practices where Fluorescein Angiography (FA) is an important part of advanced patient care, making it the premium comprehensive solution.

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... did you know?

  • 1926

    The first commercial device developed by ZEISS and Johan Nordenson is also considered the first modern fundus camera.

  • 1960

    The first fluorescein angiogram was photographed on a ZEISS retinal camera in 1960 at the University of Indiana (USA) by Drs. Alvis and Novotry.

  • 2017

    ZEISS developed the first True Color and high-resolution ultra-widefield fundus camera with the introduction of CLARUS 500.

Physician perspectives on ZEISS CLARUS ultra-widefield imaging.

  • Real world experience with ZEISS CLARUS® 700: Jesse Jung, MD

    East Bay Retina Consultants, Pleasanton, CA, USA

  • Real world experience with ZEISS CLARUS ®700: Kevin L. Gee, OD, FAAO

    Gee Eye Care, Missouri City, TX, USA