Expanding insights with ultra-wide imaging.


  • Unsurpassed color and clarity
  • High-resolution FA
  • Advanced imaging features

Unsurpassed color and clarity

CLARUS 700 from ZEISS was designed as a comprehensive ultra-widefield retinal camera for eye care specialists to capture ultra-widefield images in true color, with unsurpassed image quality and a complete suite of modalities including fluorescein angiography.

  • True color

    True color imaging

    True color

    True color images can be separated into red, green and blue channel images, enhancing the visual contrast of details in certain layers of the retina.

  • Red channel

    Red channel

    Red channel images reveal the choroid in more detail. This can be helpful in visualizing choroidal lesions such as nevi or tumors.

  • Green channel

    Green channel

    Green channel images provide excellent contrast of retina, especially of vasculature and hemorrhages.

  • Blue channel

    Blue channel

    Blue channel images increase visibility of the anterior retinal layers, allowing easier visualization of the retinal nerve fiber layer and epiretinal membranes.

Powered by Broad Line technology

The ZEISS CLARUS 700 captures images that closely resemble the coloration of the fundus as it appears under direct clinical observation.

High-resolution FA

Ultra-widefield fluorescein angiography is a useful exam to identify diabetic retinopathy, especially visualizing the peripheral retina which is fundamental to assess nonperfused areas, vascular leakage, microvascular abnormalities, and neovascularizations. With the ZEISS CLARUS 700 ultra-widefield imaging and high resolution FA, the smallest details from ONH to the periphery can be captured in early phase.

A comprehensive imaging system

ZEISS CLARUS 700 combines ultra-widefield imaging with true color, excellent clarity and a complete suite of imaging modalities. Now you can manage all fundus imaging modalities without compromising image quality.

  • Blue channel separation image increases visibility of anterior retinal layer

  • FAF-Blue image of geographic atrophy

  • FAF-Green image of dry age-related macular degeneration

  • Healthy external eye image

  • Stereo image pairs can be captured for stereoscopic evaluation of the fundus

  • Infrared image of a healthy eye

  • Fluorescein Angiography of a proliferative diabetic retinopathy

  • Ultra-widefield image of a healthy eye

  • Red channel separation image reveals the choroid in more detail

  • Green channel separation image display

Advanced imaging features

ZEISS CLARUS 700 has introduced several new features that allow you to focus on what matters most – your patient. Through patented technology, these features using algorithms will maximize your workflow efficiency and decrease chair time.

Quickly see the details in regions of interest by selecting where to optimize focus, without losing the macula focal point.
Find the patient’s gaze angle quickly and accurately. CLARUS 700 uses AI to automatically find the optic nerve head and accurately derive the patient’s gaze rather than relying on internal fixation.
Spend time analyzing FA images rather than adjusting them. CLARUS 700 automatically optimizes the brightness of image sequence throughout the angiogram, while still preserving the change in signal.

A glimpse into the future of disease management with ZEISS Imaging Spotlight

The ZEISS Imaging Spotlight features unique and challenging fundus imaging cases offering diagnostic insights to a range of pathologies. Every month the selected case will be published in Ophthalmology Management, both print and online, and will be part of the ZEISS Case Compendium.

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Watch Dr. Jesse Jung discuss in detail the benefits of CLARUS 700

Including some of the the advanced features eye care specialists can look forward to using.


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