ZEISS Retina Workflow

ZEISS Retina Workflow

Optimizing retinal disease detection, management and treatment

By combining premier imaging and at-a-glance history with interactive analysis, ZEISS Retina solutions support both your routine and complex patient management decision processes with an efficient, worry-free and cost effective solution.

Peer perspective video: Optimizing retina workflows with OCT and widefield imaging

Jesse Jung, MD

Dr. Jesse Jung is a retina specialist practicing in the San Francisco Bay area. Take a tour of his Pleasanton, CA location and watch as he explains how using advanced imaging technologies with ZEISS CIRRUS 6000 and ZEISS CLARUS 700 is improving his practice efficiency and patient experience.

Experience value beyond the devices at each step of your workflow.

Assess & educate

Evaluating retinal conditions

Proactive identification and management of retinal conditions is paramount in helping preserve patients’ vision.


Visualizing management pathways

Visualizing retinal pathology is a key driver in clinical decisions to treat or manage.


Maintaining precision and control during surgery

Managing surgery expectations with patients is critical and using the right surgical care tools will give you the confidence you need to ensure the best outcomes for your patients.


Record treatment decisions over time to help assess treatment effectiveness

Easily and seamlessly integrate multimodal imaging data and compare structural changes over time with one click: between modalities, over all time periods, and with records of your treatment data.

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