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ZEISS Integrated Workflows for ophthalmology



Efficiency without compromise

ZEISS understands your desire to enhance efficiency and clinical outcomes for cataract procedures. By connecting devices, data and applications, the ZEISS portfolio enables a seamless integration from office to OR and back.

Clinical challenge

Treating dense cataracts

Removing hard cataracts can be difficult even to the most experienced cataract surgeons. Patients are typically older, with low visual acuity and coexisting ocular pathologies.1, 2


Boost your clinical and commercial success with cutting edge technology

Stay out in front with amazing technology from ZEISS that will take your refractive outcomes, your workflow, and your patients’ experience to the next level.

Clinical challenge

Reaching highest patient satisfaction

How to ensure happy patients?

Wishing to maintain their active lifestyle into high age, cataract patients require a solution that enables them to perform most daily activities without visual aids.

Peer-reviewed publications repeatedly demonstrate that spectacle independence is higher than 90 % with several studies reaching full spectacle independence.


Transform connectivity into success

ZEISS enables you to streamline your refractive workflow with a digital connected infrastructure and improve efficiency with the right solution for any eligible patient.

Clinical challenge

Reducing overall suction time

Reducing the overall suction time due to faster cut speed can increase peace of mind and reduce stress for you and your patients during the laser treatment.


Retinal disease workflow enabler, through integrated precision optics

By combining premier imaging and at-a-glance history with interactive analysis, ZEISS Retina solutions support both your routine and complex patient management decision processes with an efficient, worry-free and cost effective solution.


Detect glaucomatous change early, treat timely

ZEISS supports complex disease management by integrating critical data points necessary to make accurate decisions on treatment paths and providing at-a-glance history and progression trends with interactive analysis.

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