ZEISS Premium Cataract Workflow

ZEISS Premium Cataract Workflow

Boost your clinical and commercial success with cutting edge technology

Stay out in front with amazing technology from ZEISS that will take your refractive outcomes, your workflow, and your patients’ experience to the next level.

Peer perspective video: Increasing cataract patient satisfaction in a private practice

Bruce Rivers, MD

With only a small team of 6 employees Bruce Rivers, MD, USA, manages to provide his premium cataract patients a premium experience.
See for yourself how he achieves this by investing time and money for a fully digitalized workflow for maximum patient satisfaction.

Peer perspective video: Boosting success in a large hospital chain

Sri Ganesh, MD

Renowned ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Sri Ganesh, MD, India, uses a unique digital workflow to constantly achieve best results and high satisfaction for his cataract patients. Watch the video to see how the ZEISS Premium Cataract Workflow can make a difference in a large clinic.