ZEISS Essential Line Connectivity Solutions

Simplicity in basic diagnostics

A well-functioning basic diagnostic pathway is indispensable for efficient practice management in virtually every eye care facility – for new patient exams, routine check-ups as well as to support treatment decisions. ZEISS Essential Line portfolio of basic diagnostic instruments brings simplicity to these examination workflows – and quality right from the start.

ZEISS Essential Line

Smartly optimizing your diagnostic workflow.

ZEISS Slit Lamp family

The members of the ZEISS family of slit lamps are made from high-quality materials and built to provide years of reliable service. Yet each one of them is unique in its usability, application range and special qualities. A ZEISS slit lamp is a perfect fit, appreciated by thousands of professionals around the world.

ZEISS SL 800 slit lamp

With perfectly balanced ZEISS optics, extensive illumination options and a user-friendly operator concept directly at your fingertips, the SL 800 from ZEISS reveals details for diagnosis and optimizes your workflow.


VISUREF® 100 and 150 from ZEISS are basic diagnostic instruments that combine reliable performance with great user convenience. Each delivers fast, trustworthy refraction and keratometry results for an in-depth assessment of patient condition.

ZEISS i.Profilerplus


VISUSCREEN 100/500 Acuity Chart and VISUPHOR 500 Digital Phoropter

Accurately determining visual acuity with the digital phoropter VISUPHOR® 500 and the acuity chart systems VISUSCREEN 100 or 500 is very easy. You can choose between a red/green or a polarization separated system based on the renowned Polatest® technology from ZEISS.


The measurement of intraocular pressure is part of every professional glaucoma screening. The VISUPLAN® 500 from ZEISS makes this examination very easy as it does not does not require contact with the cornea or an anesthetic.

AT 020 and AT 030 Applanation tonometers

The AT 020 and AT 030 Applanation tonometers from ZEISS allow precise measurement of intraocular pressure. Designed on the principle introduced by Professor Goldmann. Adapters allow the tonometers to be mounted to different slit lamps.


Reliably detecting and monitoring retinal disorders is key to ensuring high-quality care and maintaining the vision of your patients. The VISUSCOUT® 100 from ZEISS lets you do precisely that.

Essential Line Connectivity Solutions

Data connectivity solutions from ZEISS enable seamless data transfer and archiving, regardless of where you need to run individual Essential Line devices in your practice. The optional VISUCONNECT® 500 from ZEISS provides network connectivity through DICOM and a well-defined EMR interface.

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... did you know?

  • 1911

    Carl Zeiss developed the first slit lamp together with Swedish doctor Allvar Gullstrand. This development laid the foundation for medical technology at ZEISS.

  • 20/20

    Pre-test and refraction devices are necessary tools to assess and determine a patients visual acuity. A normal vision of 20/20 is not necessarily achieved by many patients visiting an ophthalmic practice.

  • 1st

    Did you know that almost every patient is receiving a objective refraction when seeing their eye care specialist? Autorefractor like ZEISS VISUREF 150 are the number 1 used devices at regular eye care practices.