Corneal refractive workflow

ZEISS Corneal Refractive Workflow

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ZEISS Corneal Refractive Workflow

ZEISS enables you to streamline your refractive workflow with a digital connected infrastructure and improve efficiency with the right solution for any eligible patient.

Dr. Rainer Wiltfang

It's a beautiful workflow in combination with FORUM®. We get all patient data from the FORUM software in the laser system, so it’s less work and the procedure takes less time for my staff. The workflow is brilliant.

Dr. Rainer Wiltfang

Smile Eyes Augenklinik Airport, München, Germany

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    CE certification for Refractive Workplace planned in 2022.   

  • 2

    CE certification for MEL 90 and connectivity to FORUM expected in 2022.   

  • 3

    CE certification for VISULYZE in progress. VISULYZE is available in the USA, as a software classified as non medical device.