ZEISS Retina Workplace Visualize integrated imaging data in seconds

Elevate your practice with the first integrated multi-modality software that enables you to register ultra-widefield fundus images with OCT angiography images — all on one screen, in a matter of seconds.

  • Rapid and comprehensive
  • Enhanced diagnostic performance
  • A clear path to care

Rapid and comprehensive: Fully assess retinal diseases in seconds

Navigate multiple analyses simultaneously: Review synchronized data such as OCT macular cubes registered with OCT raster scans and fundus images.

Detect and compare pathological changes over time with one click: Compare 3 exams in a single visualization for the identification of change.

Visualize treatment efficiency with visit history charts: Record treatment decisions over time to help assess treatment effectiveness.


Enhanced diagnostic performance: See deeper and wider into the retina, all at once.

Increase certainty with registration of ultra-widefield fundus and OCT images: Correlate and register multi-modality images for visualization and assessment of pathology

Visualize deeper into the retina with OCT Angiography: Register OCT Angiography data for 3D visualization of microvasculature and gain insights into disease progression.

ZEISS RETINA WORKPLACE: A clear path to care

A clear path to care: Display, detect, diagnose, decide.

The key to meeting the current challenges in eye care is the ability to capture, integrate and transform high-quality data into meaningful analyses that help facilitate enhanced practice workflow and improved patient care. Through smart software solutions such as the Retina Workplace, ZEISS helps link high-quality images and complex data, elevating retinal disease management for both clinicians and patients.

One of the biggest challenges in busy clinics today is integrating and viewing multi-modality data efficiently to fully assess retinal disease. Retina Workplace simplifies data and helps me get the most out of my tools, while giving the most to my patients

Peter Karth


What devices work with ZEISS Retina Workplace

ZEISS Retina Workplace integrates data from all generations of CIRRUS, including the new high-performance CIRRUS 6000, enabling clinicians to fully assess retinal diseases on a single view, in a matter of seconds.
ZEISS Retina Workplace offers support for review of CLARUS images allowing clinicians to get the complete picture from the macula to the periphery. In addition, Retina Workplace also supports third-party DICOM-compatible fundus cameras.


Minimum requirements for Retina Workplace powered by FORUM



FORUM Version

Version 4.4


Intel Core™ i5-750 or similar

Free RAM

8 GB

Free hard disc capacity

4 GB for installation, 50 GB for as cache space for computed data

Screen resolution

Minimum screen resolution: 1680x1050 pixels; Recommended screen resolution: 1920x1080 pixels or higher

Operating System

ZEISS Retina Workplace can now be installed on a second PC/ server where FORUM is not installed. The OS requirements are the same as for the ZEISS FORUM server and client application.


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