Setting the pace in digital visualization

  • Customizable 3D digital visualization
  • Integration following your efficiency demands
  • Intuitive navigation and productivity
Customizable 3D digital visualization

Customizable 3D digital visualization

Experience advanced 3D digital visualization with ARTEVO® 850 from ZEISS. With true color representation thanks to the HDR monitor and 2x 4K 3-Chip cameras, the surgical image is displayed in high fidelity on the 55” screen. Enhance colors in the surgical image using the Digital Color Assistant to accentuate anatomical details. Optimize the depth of field or even boost it by 60%1 using the new Smart DoF function.

Integration following your efficiency demands

Integration following your efficiency demands

ZEISS ARTEVO 850 offers functional integration of devices and visualization technology to streamline clinical procedures.

Digital integration into the ZEISS Ophthalmic Workflows allows for seamless data transfer.

Intuitive navigation and productivity

Intuitive navigation and productivity

ZEISS ARTEVO 850 features a redesigned ZEISS CALLISTO eye user interface that centralizes all controls on a single intuitive touchscreen. Cataract assistance functions and other key controls can be surgeon-controlled with a push of a button on either the foot control panel or handgrips, if the buttons are configured for this purpose.

Share your knowledge

Share your knowledge

Students can view the same images and information on the 3D screen that you see while treating patients. This allows you to provide guidance as they perform surgery using the same visualization or to lead each student through surgery and offer precise instruction at every step. Engage the next generation of ophthalmologists with advanced technology, that meets today’s capabilities of digital visualization.


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