ZEISS AT Elana 841P


Maximizing patient satisfaction by combining leading technologies.

  • The best of ZEISS trifocal technology
  • Preferred hydrophobic C-loop platform, fully preloaded
  • Premium support for you and your patients

The best of ZEISS trifocal technology

Based on the optical design of the trifocal ZEISS AT LISA tri, a clinically proven IOL with over 170 peer-reviewed publications, AT ELANA® 841P from ZEISS is designed to provide both excellent clinical performance and exceptional patient satisfaction. It offers a distance-dominant light distribution with focus planes in the near, intermediate, and far range making it pupil independent and fully trifocal under both photopic and mesopic conditions.

Improving near-to-intermediate vision without compromising far vision

Defocused curve
Defocused curve

Unpublished data on file. Simulated Visual Acuity, based on optical bench MTF measurements. Pupil size: 3mm. Aberration neutral (ISO 1) cornea model.

Unpublished data on file. Simulated Visual Acuity, based on optical bench MTF measurements. Pupil size: 3mm. Aberration neutral (ISO 1) cornea model.

With improved diffractive structure, ZEISS AT ELANA 841P offers an increased light transmission efficiency which together with a higher allocation of light towards near vision can be expected to provide enhanced near-to-intermediate vision without compromising visual acuity at far distance.1

  • Spherical aberration-neutral design

    Spherical aberration-neutral IOLs are designed to be free from optical inaccuracies caused by light refraction. Resulting in less sensitivity to decentration, tilt and no interference with corneal higher-order aberrations (HOA).

  • Glistening free material, stability and anti-PCO edge

    Excellent image quality and clarity through glistening-free material. The anti-PCO edge reduces posterior capsule opacification, decreasing post-surgical efforts and increasing patient satisfaction. The biomaterial and lens design of ZEISS AT ELANA 841P is based on ZEISS CT LUCIA 621P, a proven monofocal hydrophobic C-loop IOL. With a specially designed optic-haptic junction, the step-vaulted C-loop haptics allow for easy centering and maximizing direct capsular contact. This ensures a consistent and stable axial IOL position in the capsular bag.

Preferred hydrophobic C-loop platform, fully preloaded

ZEISS trifocal optics are now for the first time available on a hydrophobic C-loop platform. ZEISS AT ELANA 841P is always preloaded and offers an ideal solution for easy adoption in the OR.

Seamlessly integrated into your surgical workflow

Handling Instruction Animation

  • Easy-to-use fully preloaded injector.

    Easy-to-use fully preloaded injector

    The fully preloaded BLUESERT™ injector is easy to integrate into your surgical workflow, simple to use and designed for intuitive and reliable implantation.

  • Consistent and controlled injection with smooth IOL unfolding behavior.

    Consistent and controlled injection with smooth IOL unfolding behavior

    The heparin2 coating supports a smooth unfolding of the IOL.

Premium support for you and your patients

To complement our product, we offer clinical application support tools3 and resources including: IOL Power Calculation Service - an expert service performed by optometrists intended to support clinicians in selecting intraocular lenses by calculation of IOL power and predicted residual refraction even for extreme patient conditions. On MyZEISS Customer Portal and ZEISS Surgery Optimizer application you can find product related information and educational materials.

In addition, our patient communication tools4 serve you in attracting and educating patients on available IOL options, supporting clinicians to selecting the right IOL for each patient, and managing their expectations.

Do you want to learn more?

Support Tools

Patient Communication

Vision Simulation Tool

Let your patients experience vision disorders and possible treatment results with different IOL types using the digital vision simulator before or during consultation.

Halo & Glare Simulator

Visualize possible light phenomena at night before and after IOL implantation and manage patient expectations with the new interactive web-app.

Patient website on Cataract Treatment

Share this website with your patient for information on cataract, its causes, symptoms, as well as treatment options.

ZEISS EYEGUIDE: Mobile App for Cataract Patients

Help your patients prepare for the cataract surgery and stay compliant throughout the entire treatment process with useful information and support tools.

Clinical Application

Products not available in all countries.

ZEISS IOL Power Calculation Service

Learn more about our IOL calculation services, including what we offer, how to use the service and meet our professional team of optometrists

All my patients implanted with AT ELANA have been very satisfied with uncorrected visual acuity in all three distances. The fully preloaded injector is very smooth, and the AT ELANA fits through a 2.2mm incision.

The controlled unfolding of this new hydrophobic c-loop trifocal IOL and the stability in the capsular bag is excellent. I am very excited about this new addition to the ZEISS IOL portfolio.”

Dr. Peter Mojžiš

Ph.D., FEBO, Assistant Professor, Third Faculty, Charles University, Prague

Technical Specifications

ZEISS AT ELANA 841P – fully preloaded injector system

Optic Design

Trifocal, diffractive, +3.33 D near add and +1.66 D intermediate add at the IOL plane, aspheric


Hydrophobic acrylic with heparin coated2 surface

Optic Diameter

6.0 mm

Total Diameter

13.0 mm


Step vaulted

Lens Design


Incision Size

2.2 – 2.6 mm (depending on diopter)

Company Labeled A-Constant


Diopter Range

From +0.0 D to +34.0 D, in 0.5 increments



Abbe Number


Refractive Index


Implantation in

Capsular bag


  • Indicated for the visual correction of aphakia secondary to the removal of the crystalline lens in patients with cataracts
  • Also indicated for non-cataractous, presbyopic patients who seek greater independence from glasses for intermediate and/or near distances

Injector/Cartridge Set

BLUESERT™ 2.2 Injector for diopter range +0.0 to +24.0
BLUESERT™ 2.4 Injector for diopter range +24.5 to +30.0
BLUESERT™ 2.6 Injector for diopter range +30.5 to +34.0

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  • 1

    In photopic conditions in virtual implantations and optical bench tests.

  • 2

    Fragment of heparin used in IOL surface coating with no pharmacological, immunological, or metabolic action.

  • 3

    Service and products are subjected to availability.

  • 4

    Products not available in all countries.