ZEISS Surgery Optimizer

ZEISS Surgery Optimizer Revolutionizing the way you use surgical videos

The ZEISS Surgery Optimizer1 is an AI-powered application that radically simplifies the entire process of storing, reviewing and accessing surgical videos, and that allows you to gain insights into your cataract surgeries.

  • AI-powered surgical insights
  • Seamless access to your cases
  • Innovative teaching & learning
ZEISS Surgery Optimizer AI powered insights

AI-powered insights into your cataract surgery

An AI-based segmentation algorithm, together with a comprehensive set of analysis tools allows to:

  • Track your own and your clinic’s cataract surgery performance
  • Conduct customized analyses
  • Get an independent 360° view of yours and your clinic’s surgical performance

on a user-friendly KPI dashboard.

Illustration of ZEISS Surgery Optimizer: Seamless access to your cases

Seamless access to your cataract surgery cases

The ZEISS Surgery Optimizer provides easy access to your clinical cases:
  • Easily export surgery videos from ZEISS CALLISTO eye to the cloud
  • Access cataract surgery videos directly via web browser or on a mobile device2
  • A cataract case library is automatically arranged facilitating documentation and reviewing
  • Biometry data from IOLMaster® from ZEISS, surgery details from ZEISS CALLISTO eye and data from other ophthalmic diagnostic devices are automatically added to each patient case
  • Sophisticated search function allows search and selection according to certain clinical parameters
Cloud computing technology concept transfer database to cloud.

Innovative teaching and learning

Selected cataract cases can be reviewed from the beginning or at any stage. With a single click, cataract surgeons can advance to focus on a particular maneuver. The ability to compare your cataract video to a reference case video enables you to:

  • Work on your surgical technique by focusing on precise steps
  • Benchmark yourself to a curated selection of reference cases
  • Train other ophthalmic surgeons in a more engaging way

Peer perspective video: ZEISS Surgery Optimizer in practice - Unlocking the full potential of surgical video review

Dr. Supriya Sriganesh, Dr. Sri Ganesh

See how Dr. Supriya Sriganesh used ZEISS Surgery Optimizer to improve her surgical technique. The AI-based video segmentation has helped her to focus on standardizing the most critical steps in cataract surgery by directly comparing her technique with the one of her mentor.

What devices work with ZEISS Surgery Optimizer?



ZEISS CALLISTO eye records the video that is later used by ZEISS Surgery Optimizer. Surgery details are automatically added to each case and can also be searched.
Illustration of ZEISS CALLISTO eye
Illustration of ZEISS CALLISTO eye
Biometry data from ZEISS IOLMaster is automatically added to each case and can also be searched.
Illustration with two devices of ZEISS IOLMaster family
Illustration of ZEISS IOLMASTER
ZEISS Surgery Optimizer also integrates patient data from other DICOM-compatible devices and integrates them into its case search function.


  • Surgery Optimizer - Case of the Month - Upgrading Cataract Surgery Skills - Supriya Sriganesh EN

    Pages: 2
    File size: 3 MB


ZEISS Surgery Optimizer


3.6 or higher or ARTEVO 800 recommended


via Connectivity Module v1.3 or higher or FORUM 4.2.4 or higher (via FORUM Cloud Migration Tool)


iOS 16 or higher

Screen resolution

Optimized for resolutions from 720p

Secure and compliant infrastructure

Secure and compliant infrastructure

ZEISS Surgery Optimizer leverages the power of a cloud-based digital system, developed in partnership with Microsoft - the ZEISS Health Data Platform.

The ZEISS Health Data Platform provides a secure and compliant infrastructure for the collection and management of large amounts of data and data sources.

ZEISS Premium Cataract Workflow
ZEISS Cataract Workflow

Powerful as individual solution – Unstoppable together

Part of the ZEISS Premium Cataract Workflow

By connecting devices, data and applications, the ZEISS portfolio enables a seamless integration from office to OR and back. The ZEISS Surgery Optimizer is part of the ZEISS Premium Cataract Workflow. Learn more on how to boost your clinical and commercial success.

ZEISS Surgery Optimizer for Apple Vision Pro

A glimpse into the future of ophthalmology

  • Is this the future?

    Tommy Korn, MD, shares his first-hand experience with the ZEISS Surgery Optimizer for Apple Vision Pro. Find out why he thinks it could be a game changer for him as a surgeon.
    At the moment the app is exclusively available in the US and allows the review of preselected clinical cases only.

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    ZEISS Surgery Optimizer App is non-medical device and not intended for diagnosing, treatment, or prophylactic activities.

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    Only works on iPhone or iPad. iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc
    iOS is a trademark of Cisco technology, Inc