Getting fewer refractive surprises.

ZEISS IOLMaster 700

  • More insights
  • Fewer refractive surprises
  • Optimize your workflow

Central Topography to start your workflow with more insights

With no changes in workflow, the IOLMaster® 700 from ZEISS now measures Central Topography. It allows easy reading of central corneal shape information when you start your workflow and before you decide on the IOL and consult with your patient.

It is integrated into the standard biometry measurement of the ZEISS IOLMaster 700, without the need of any additional hardware or measurement time. The scaling and hues have been developed in cooperation with Douglas D. Koch, MD, and Li Wang, PhD, USA.

It is remarkable how much information we get from Central Topography.

Douglas D. Koch, M.D.

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA

Get fewer refractive surprises

Thanks to SWEPT Source OCT technology, ZEISS IOLMaster 700 offers unique features and functions to achieve fewer refractive surprises.

Total Keratometry: replacing assumptions with measurements

The Total Keratometry (TK®) of ZEISS IOLMaster 700 allows you to directly measure the posterior corneal surface using SWEPT Source OCT. In a study the exclusive Barrett True K with TK formula improved the outcome prediction compared to the Barrett True K with Classic Ks within ±0.5 D by >12 % (p = 0.04) in post-myopic LASIK eyes1.

The Barrett True K with TK formula elevates post corneal refractive surgery IOL power calculation to the next level.

Graham Barrett, M.D.

Lions Eye Institute, Perth, Australia

Unique Fixation Check

Can you see the foveal pit? If so, you can reduce the risk of refractive surprises due to incorrect measurements caused by undetected poor fixation.

Detect unusual eye geometries and visually verify your measurements

The patented Cornea-to-Retina Scan allows you to detect unusual eye geometries, such as tilt or decentration of the crystalline lens. Additionally, the complex interpretation of A-scans is no longer necessary.

Optimize your cataract workflow

Streamline your refractive cataract workflow: from biometry and calculation or ordering of IOLs to surgical planning. Access your IOLMaster data anytime, anywhere. Enjoy exceptional speed and an outstanding cataract penetration rate, and benefit from the unique Fixation Check.

EQ Workplace and EQ Mobile from ZEISS

Connect your ZEISS IOLMaster 700 with the  EQ Workplace® software from ZEISS to streamline your refractive cataract workflow. It supports your biometry data review and analysis, IOL calculation and selection, IOL ordering, surgical planning, and post-operative data collection.

  • Save time during pre-operative processes
  • Further protect against never-events
  • Access your data from anywhere
  • Personalize your IOL constants

And with the EQ Mobile® app from ZEISS, you have access to your biometry data anytime, anwhere on you iPhone or iPad.   

Measurement in less than 45 seconds

With ZEISS IOLMaster 700, you can measure both eyes in less than 45 seconds. Alignment assistance functions make the results largely independent of the user and therefore easy to delegate.

Case with a very dense cataract that could be measured successfully with ZEISS IOLMaster 700. Image courtesy of Prof. M. de La Torre, DLT Ophthalmic Center, Peru.

Cataract penetration up to 99 %

A comparative clinical study with more than 1,200 eyes showed that ZEISS IOLMaster 700 achieves a cataract penetration rate of up to 99 %. As a result, the number of ultrasound cases can be reduced by 92 %, saving you valuable time.2

Macular hole: Fixation Check image (middle) combined with ZEISS CIRRUS retina OCT image (via photo editor program). Image courtesy of Prof. W. Sekundo, Phillips University Hospital Marburg, Germany.

Indications for macular pathologies with Fixation Check

Although ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is clearly not intended to be used for diagnostics3, in high-volume practices the ability to detect these eyes preoperatively can be invaluable.4

Contact us for more information about ZEISS IOLMaster 700.

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