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ZEISS IOLMaster 700

Technical specifications


Measurement range
Axial length
14 - 38 mm
Corneal radii
5 - 11 mm
Anterior chamber depth
0.7 - 8 mm
Lens thickness
1 - 10 mm (phakic eye)
0.13 - 2.5 mm (pseudophakic eye)
Central corneal thickness
0.2 - 1.2 mm
8 - 16 mm
SD of repeatability
Axial length
5 μm
Corneal radii
0.09 D
> 0.75 D, axis 3.8°
Anterior chamber depth
7 μm
Lens thickness
6 µm
Central corneal thickness
2.5 µm
111 µm
IOL calculation formulas
Barrett Suite: Barrett Universal II & Barrett TK Universal II*, Barrett toric & Barrett TK toric*, Barrett True K & Barrett True K with TK
Haigis Suite: Haigis, Haigis-L, Haigis-T

Hoffer® Q

Holladay 1 and 2


ZEISS EQ Workplace

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner

ZEISS FORUM eye care data management system
ZEISS computer-assisted cataract surgery system CALLISTO eye (via USB & FORUM)
Data interface for electronic medical record (EMR) / patient management systems (PMS), Holladay IOL

Consultant software and PhacoOptics®

Data export to USB storage media
Ethernet port for network connection and network printer

* Only available with Total Keratometry license