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ZEISS AT LISA tri family

AT LISA tri through my own eyes

From healthcare professionals to patients - surgeons sharing the stories of their own surgeries and their new life after the implantation of ZEISS AT LISA tri in their own eyes.

Ms. Inger Madsen

Aarhus, Denmark

Ms. Inger Madsen is an ophthalmic OR nurse working in an eye clinic in Aarhus (Denmark). After years of discomfort wearing glasses, she wanted to improve the quality of her life and decided to be implanted with AT LISA tri in 2013. Dr. Michael Lindholdt, surgeon and owner of the clinic where Ms. Madsen works, performed her surgery. In this video, we hear the unique perspective of both patient and doctor.

Dr. Daniel Ovalles Melgem

Culiacán, Mexico

Dr. Daniel Ovalles Melgem was implanted with ZEISS AT LISA tri in October 2020. Before opting for surgery in his own eyes, he had difficulties reading close-up and performing surgery. After 10 years of successful implantations with AT LISA tri and happy patients, he was sure that AT LISA tri was the right choice for himself and his loved ones.

Dr. Pablo Luis Daponte

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 2019, Dr. Pablo Luis Daponte was implanted with ZEISS AT LISA tri. As someone who enjoys outdoor activities and water sports, Dr. Daponte was determined to find a solution that would allow him to continue pursuing his profession and passions without limitations.

Dr. Matteo Piovella

Monza, Italy

President (2010-Present) of the Italian Society of Ophthalmology, Dr. Matteo Piovella, has implanted the first AT LISA tri to his patients in 2012. Two years later, after witnessing the successful visual outcomes derived from the trifocal IOL, he decided to have the same surgery himself and have AT LISA tri implanted in his own eyes. Watch the video to know which aspects of his personal and professional life changed for the best after the surgery.

Surgeon experience

Fellow surgeons sharing their long- term experience with ZEISS AT LISA tri.

Dr. Frank Kerkhoff

Eersel, Netherlands

Dr. Frank Kerkhoff – Cataract, refractive and vitreoretinal surgeon from FYEO Medical - on the advantage of the Day 1 visual experience with ZEISS AT LISA tri and how this contributes to the long-term patient satisfaction.

Dr. Zhang Shunhua

Beijing, China

Dr. Zhang Shunhua - Cataract surgeon from the Peking Union Medical College Hospital - on her experience in implanting ZEISS AT LISA tri and how realizing the vision dreams of her patients became a priority and a mission in her daily work.

Dr. Durval M. Carvalho Jr.

Brasília, Brazil

Dr. Durval - Cataract and Glaucoma surgeon and vice president of the Brazilian Cataract and Refractive Surgery Association - on the patients´ post-operative success stories and visual long-term performance of ZEISS AT LISA tri.

Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen

Hamburg, Germany

Having implanted 20,000 ZEISS AT LISA tri IOLs himself, Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen, Chairman, CEO and Founder of EuroEyes International, shares his long-standing expertise on IOL surgery and patient consultation.

Dr. Carlos Rocha de Lossada

Almeria, Spain

This peer-reviewed publication is the longest study, reviewing Long-Term Efficacy, Visual Performance and Patient Reported Outcomes with Trifocal Intraocular Lenses.


Find out why ZEISS AT LISA tri is the reference trifocal IOL

  • Performance proven in more than 170 peer-reviewed publications

    AT LISA®  tri family from ZEISS has repeatedly been the focus of scientific investigations when evaluating the performance of presbyopia-correcting IOLs. It has become the reference trifocal IOL, having been featured in numerous comparative analyses with other trifocal IOLs. Throughout these investigations, ZEISS AT LISA  tri family has continually confirmed their excellent performance.

  • Optimal patient outcomes

    Outcomes from more than 4,500 patients implanted with ZEISS AT LISA tri family have already been analyzed in peer-reviewed articles. In evaluating these patient outcomes, surgeons have overwhelmingly discovered the same thing over and over again: high satisfaction and excellent visual outcomes. Thanks to this high predictability, you are able to constantly deliver optimal patient care.

  • Analyzed by more than 60 different surgeons in more than 20 countries, showing high suitability for patients worldwide

    Proven results and high patient satisfaction of the ZEISS AT LISA tri family are not confined to one region. Rather, outstanding results of peer-reviewed studies have been published by more than 60 different first authors from more than 20 countries. ZEISS AT LISA tri family prove to deliver high visual quality to patients worldwide, regardless of their origin.

  • High patient satisfaction verified

    Numerous peer-reviewed publications investigated patient-reported outcomes after ZEISS AT LISA tri IOL implantation. Repeatedly, surgeons confirmed high patient satisfaction, further proving the excellent performance of the reference trifocal technology.

Study Spotlights

Download the Study Spotlight: "Far distance retinal image quality of ZEISS AT LISA tri 839MP"

Comparison of clinical retinal image quality with different premium IOLs using pyramidal wavefront sensor (PWS) based aberrometry.

Download the Study Spotlight: "Study Spotlight: 6-year Visual Outcomes of ZEISS AT LISA tri 839MP"

The first peer-reviewed publication on Long-Term Efficacy, Visual Performance and Patient Reported Outcomes with a Trifocal Intraocular Lens.


Download the whitepaper: "ZEISS AT LISA tri family. A trifocal lens for repeatedly excellent outcomes"

A meta analysis of peer-reviewed ZEISS AT LISA tri publications

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ZEISS AT LISA tri family

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