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Laser Vision correction

Why rely on the global market leader in Laser Vision Correction?

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When it comes to advanced laser vision correction technology, surgeons around the world turn to ZEISS. In fact, our comprehensive LVC portfolio is trusted by more than 2,500 surgeons in more than 80 countries. Relying on leading applications such as Lenticule Extraction with SMILE®  from ZEISS and ZEISS PRESBYOND®  for age-related LASIK, surgeons can achieve excellent visual outcomes for eligible patients. But this trust goes even further: experts and surgeons choose laser vision correction from ZEISS to correct their own eyes and the vision of their loved ones.

Trusted network

Refractive lasers for patients and family

  • >2500

    More than 2,500 surgeons use ZEISS refractive solutions

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    ZEISS is used by surgeons in more than 80 countries

  • No.1

    Surgeons trust in ZEISS technology for themselves and family

Voices for vision

Meet experts who trust ZEISS for laser surgery

Hear directly from refractive experts about why they have placed their trust in ZEISS SMILE and ZEISS PRESBYOND for themselves and family members.

An expert helps her daughter SMILE

Dr. Li Ying, Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Dr. Li Ying, Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Around the world, individuals seek laser vision correction for numerous reasons. For the daughter of Dr. Yi Ling, physical appearance and spectacle independence played key roles in turning to laser surgery.

With ZEISS SMILE, only a small incision of 2 mm is sufficient, meaning that the majority of the upper corneal layers remains untouched. What's more, the patient can usually return to their normal daily activities the next day – a big selling point for younger patients with active lifestyles.    

My daughter doesn’t want to wear spectacles due to beauty. More than 1.2 million SMILE eyes have been done in China. It’s proved to be safe, less invasive [with] fast recovery. That’s why I chose to do SMILE surgery for my daughter.1 She is very satisfied with her outcomes and I made [the] right choice for her.

Li Ying, Ph.D.

Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Peking, China

The personal diary of a SMILE journey

Dr. Radwan Almousa, My iClinic, London

With a passion for managing corneal diseases, Dr. Radwan Almousa strives to improve quality of vision using the latest and innovative procedures. After successfully performing Lenticule Extraction with SMILE from ZEISS for several years, he decided to undergo the procedure on his own eyes.

See his personal journey now – from the days leading up to surgery to the morning after.

It’s like a whole new life.2

Dr. Radwan Almousa

My iClinic, London, UK

Seeing your own technology in a new light

Burkhard Wagner, Product Manager at Carl Zeiss Meditec

Burkhard Wagner, Product Manager at Carl Zeiss Meditec

As a Product Manager for Refractive Lasers at Carl Zeiss Meditec since 2011, Burkhard Wagner knows the market inside and out. After years of wearing contact lenses and glasses, he experienced damage to his cornea. With utmost trust in the technology he helped create, Burkhard confidently chose laser vision correction surgery with Lenticule Extraction with SMILE from ZEISS.

Going into surgery, Burkhard knew what to expect at every step of the well-established procedure, including its minimally invasive nature and fast healing times.

For years my eyes were framed by a pair of thick, heavy glasses. My prescription was -8.25 diopters for my left eye, and -6.5 for my right. At a certain point, I was fed up – I had had enough of limited vision, fogged-up glasses and frames that repeatedly slid down my nose.3 The next day [after surgery] I could feel that my eyes had already recovered – my vision was sharp. After a post-op examination, I headed home – drove home, actually – without glasses or contact lenses for the very first time in my life.3

Burkhard Wagner

Product Manager Refractive Lasers, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Jena, Germany

Refractive surgery for a leading refractive surgeon

Robert Morris, Medical Director at Optegra Eye Hospitals

Robert Morris, Medical Director at Optegra Eye Hospitals

As an international expert in refractive surgery, Dr. Robert Morris has performed more than 7,500 laser procedures. After becoming contact lens intolerant, he turned to ZEISS.

After undergoing PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision with the MEL®  90 excimer laser from ZEISS, Dr. Morris began experiencing the best binocular distance vision of his life, while no longer relying on glasses. His own successful experience with ZEISS PRESBYOND inspired him to integrate the application into his well-established ophthalmic practice.

Read more about the experiences of Dr. Robert Morris.

I was a longstanding myope and was thinking about refractive surgery to deal with my presbyopia and contact lens intolerance, and underwent very successful laser eye surgery with PRESBYOND…4

Dr. Robert Morris

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Optegra Eye Hospital, London, UK

The power of PRESBYOND Laser Vision Correction

See more firsthand stories

Visit the PRESBYOND Wall of Fame and hear more personal experiences directly from refractive experts. View videos and read case studies about why they chose to have PRESBYOND Laser Vision Correction on their own eyes.

Benefits for patients and clinics

Hear directly from experts for more ZEISS PRESBYOND insights

Worth the effort – how change led to benefits for presbyopic patients and clinic business.

Robert Morris and Barbara Czarnota-Nowakowska explain how a willingness to overhaul their clinical practices with the introduction of a laser vision correction for presbyopia has yielded many benefits. Read about their transition and download the case now.

Discover the pioneering innovations and global service of the ZEISS LVC portfolio, plus hear directly from surgeons who trust in our technology

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