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Driven by pioneering innovation, global support and a trustworthy solutions, ZEISS offers one of the most comprehensive Laser Vision Correction portfolios in the industry, enabling tailored laser vision surgery for any eligible patient. But more than just offering options that include  PRK, LASIK, PRESBYOND®  Laser Blended Vision and  SMILE®  Lenticule Extraction, ZEISS delivers outstanding clinical application support and comprehensive business consulting that can help surgeons and staff continually succeed. Take advantage of a variety of premier solutions from the global market leader1  in laser vision correction.

Dr. Robert Morris, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

I was a longstanding myope and was thinking about refractive surgery to deal with my presbyopia and contact lens intolerance, and underwent very successful laser eye surgery with PRESBYOND four years ago.2

Dr. Robert Morris

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Optegra Eye Hospital, London, UK

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  • 1

    2020 Refractive Surgery Market Report – estimated total revenue.

  • 2

    Statement from November, 2020, Case of the Month, Ophthalmology Times Europe, Vol.16, No.9