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ZEISS Laser Vision Correction

Why rely on the global market leader in Laser Vision Correction?

Our pioneering innovation continues to shape the industry

For more than 30 years, ZEISS has been pioneering the Laser Vision Correction market. Our innovative procedures, devices and software, including SMILE®  and PRESBYOND®, have allowed ophthalmologists to attract new patients and achieve new levels of success. Around the globe, surgeons not only utilize high-quality, German-made inventions, they also have the support of expert knowledge backed by 175 years of experience in the optics industry. Always moving forward, we continue to significantly influence the corneal refractive market.

ZEISS innovations in corneal refractive surgery

Made for your success then, now, always

Pioneering innovation

A refractive leader from the beginning

  • >30yr

    experience in refractive surgery

  • 1st

    Solution for Lenticule Extraction with SMILE®

  • >5M

    More than 5 million treated eyes with SMILE®

  • MEL50

    First commercial excimer laser in ophthalmology

  • MEL60

    First LASIK in clinical use worldwide with MEL 60 from ZEISS

  • >1.5M

    Yearly over 1.5 mio treatments with ZEISS refractive lasers

Discover Lenticule Extraction with SMILE from ZEISS

Groundbreaking from day one to 5 million eyes later

Based on Nobel Prize-winning technology, SMILE from ZEISS re-shaped the Laser Vision Correction market upon its introduction in 2011, significantly increasing the amount of LVC surgical procedures throughout the entire ophthalmic field. Today, more than 5 million eyes have been treated with SMILE, proving its effectiveness, impact and value for both patients and surgeons.

  • First commercially available solution for Lenticule Extraction
  • Exclusively performed with the VisuMax®  femtosecond laser  from ZEISS or with the new evolution of femtosecond laser the VISUMAX 8003  from ZEISS
  • Adding SMILE to your portfolio could result in an increase in your patient volume

Laser Vision Correction for presbyopic patients

Discover PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision from ZEISS

A suitable choice for patients with presbyopia, PRESBYOND from ZEISS combines the simplicity and accuracy of corneal refractive surgery with the benefits of increased depth of focus. The customized laser vision correction creates a fusion of the two images for near and distance vision – the so-called “Blend Zone.”

  • Providing a continuous binocular vision focused from near through intermediate to far
  • Effective in treating up to 97% of all presbyopia-related forms of impairment1
  • Ideal for fast-growing demographic group of patients with presbyopia
  • Software option for the CRS-Master® that combines perfectly with the MEL® 90 excimer laser from ZEISS to expand your LASIK repertoire
  • Remote treatment planning outside the OR for treatments with PRESBYOND can now be created via ZEISS Refractive Workplace4

Discover the pioneering innovations and global service of the ZEISS LVC portfolio, plus hear directly from surgeons who trust in our technology

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  • 1

    Data on file

  • 2

    2020 Refractive Surgery Market Report – estimated total revenue.

  • 3

    CE available for flap cut and SMILE. CE certification for further applications, e.g. ICR, KP and CIRCLE in progress.

  • 4

    CE certification planned in 2022