Global support ZEISS Laser Vision Correction

Global support

ZEISS Laser Vision Correction

Global application support for refractive lasers
Global application support for refractive lasers

Why rely on the global market leader in Laser Vision Correction?

Global application support for refractive lasers.

Around the world, ZEISS is more than a market leader1 in delivering innovative procedures and solutions. Surgeons and clinics receive step-by-step onboarding and continuous support from more than 100 highly-trained application and service specialists, as well as in-depth peer-to-peer training at 10 certified training centers and on-site wetlabs. Surgeons also benefit from standardized processes – made possible by the results and learnings from more than 1,200 clinics worldwide. From the very beginning and for years to come, ZEISS provides surgical support to optimize outcomes and enhance workflows.

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Global support

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Global experts for refractive lasers.

ZEISS Clinical Application Support

When extending your Laser Vision Correction portfolio, you automatically benefit from ZEISS Clinical Application Support. The expert program offers comprehensive onboarding processes, so you can familiarize yourself with ZEISS SMILE® and PRESBYOND® applications, as well as devices including ZEISS VisuMax® and ZEISS VISUMAX 800®2 and MEL® 90 excimer laser from ZEISS.


  • Onboarding processes and online trainings
  • On-site trainings including wetlabs
  • Peer-to-peer trainings
  • Updates on our clinical solutions

Surgery Support:

  • Guidance to become confident with our solutions, including ZEISS SMILE® and PRESBYOND® software
  • Device handling, including ZEISS VisuMax® femtosecond laser and MEL® 90 excimer laser

Outcome optimization:

  • In-depth outcome evaluation
  • Nomogram solution, including counselling, data collection and data analysis
  • Optimization of treatment parameters and technique
  • Consultation about pre-op evaluation and post-op care


  • Assessment of unexpected outcomes
  • Support for re-treatments
  • Peer-to-peer support


Onboarding processes for SMILE and PRESBYOND.

Step-by-step to more success.

ZEISS specialists guide you through the onboarding processes for ZEISS SMILE and PRESBYOND applications, consisting of three main steps.

  1. Online and offline trainings.
  2. Preparation visits directly in your clinic.
  3. The first surgeries are performed in the presence of an application specialist for thorough evaluation.

After onboarding, ZEISS accompanies surgeons step by step to improve confidence levels and clinical results.

SMILE onboarding process

SMILE onboarding process

PRESBYOND onboarding process

PRESBYOND onboarding process

ZEISS Practice Development Consulting.

Advanced service designed for your long-term success.

At ZEISS we understand the challenges of growing a refractive practice and partnering with our customers. With our Practice Development Consulting we offer you a program that helps you to grow your business and improve the overall patient experience.

Our PDC managers support you with expert advice on healthcare marketing and improving your communication with patients and customer services. This outstanding program covers the entire patient journey with the goal to enhance the overall effectiveness of your clinic.

  • Patient Attraction: How you can attract more patients to your clinic?
  • Patient Conversion: How you can improve your clinic's efficiency?
  • Patient Referral: How can you inspire patients to recommend your clinic?

Download the ZEISS Practice Development Consulting brochure and view the accompanying video to learn more about how ZEISS can help evaluate and improve the patient experience in your clinic.

ZEISS Patient Communication Material.

Facilitate your interaction with patients.

With our service, we support your interaction with patients to successfully position your clinic in the market. Our communication materials cover each step of the patient journey: Patient Attraction, Patient Conversion, and Patient Referral.

ZEISS Patient Communication Tools help you to educate patients about their condition and the possible treatment options, as well as to address specific patient needs and manage expectations, in order to make the best possible treatment decision.

ZEISS Patient Communication Material comprises brochures, posters, graphics, videos, roll-ups, pictures, postcards, online banners, social media posts, and PowerPoint templates. The tools can be applied during consultations and patient events or in the clinic space, on your website, and on social media.

Depending on your needs, we offer supporting educative materials branded by ZEISS, promotional materials, which can be branded by your clinic, or snippets to create your own collaterals.

Patient Material Download Center

Discover ZEISS educational and promotional patient tools for each step of the patient journey.

Discover the pioneering innovations and global service of the ZEISS LVC portfolio, plus hear directly from surgeons who trust in our technology

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  • 1

    2020 Refractive Surgery Market Report – estimated total revenue.

  • 2

    VISUMAX 800: CE available for flap cut and SMILE. CE certification for further applications, e.g. ICR, KP and CIRCLE in progress.