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Differentiate your clinic and be ahead

  • Stay at the forefront with pioneering innovation
  • Opportunity to boost your clinic’s success
  • Get support whenever you need
  • Learn how to better attract and interact with your patients

SMILE®  from ZEISS is a game-changing software that allows you to perform Lenticule Extraction – a minimally invasive procedure that has taken Laser Vision Correction to another level.

By extending your portfolio with ZEISS SMILE, you will be ready to start attracting more patients and differentiate your practice, receiving all the support you need from the very first day.

With outstanding financial, clinical application and technical support, in addition to comprehensive business consulting, you can easily start with ZEISS SMILE and offer every eligible patient an additional option for Laser Vision Correction.

Helping you in taking your business further

At ZEISS we understand that an investment can be a challenge when expanding your refractive portfolio. Knowing that, we offer different financial solutions, that combined with our local market knowledge, can help you in getting started with ZEISS SMILE easier than ever.

Watch the video and discover how ZEISS can help you in finding a suitable financing plan and grow your business.

Francesca Presti

“In the past 6 years, we have seen significant gains in the profitability that our clinic has enjoyed. In fact, we have seen a 10% gain in our laser vision correction volume since offering Lenticule Extraction with ZEISS SMILE.”

Martin Bechmann

MD, Germany

A cost-effective solution for your practice

If cost-effectiveness is one of your questions when considering adding an additional procedure to your portfolio, we show you that ZEISS SMILE is the right solution with benefits that make it attractive for patients and surgeons alike.

As a minimally invasive procedure, you might face a reduced number of complications and improve patient satisfaction. Also, with a faster laser time, when performed with the latest generation femtosecond laser VISUMAX® 800 from ZEISS, you might be able to perform even more surgeries.

Get to know more about ZEISS SMILE

  • Study Spotlight: Cost-Effectiveness of SMILE

    Check yourself how ZEISS SMILE can be as cost-effective as FS-LASIK or PRK, in a study from Jorge L. Alio del Barrio, MD, from Spain.

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  • Benefits at a glance

    Discover all that ZEISS SMILE can provide you and your patients.

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Redefining the future of refractive surgery

More and more refractive surgeons are relying on the pioneering innovation of ZEISS and adding lenticule extraction with ZEISS SMILE to their portfolio, offering an additional option for laser vision correction.

Since its launch in 2011, more than 8 million eyes have been treated by over 2,500 surgeons from more than 80 countries. With constant growth, it's easy to see how ZEISS SMILE is helping to shape the future of laser vision correction.

  • 25%

    of total LVC performed in 2020 was Lenticule Extraction with SMILE1

  • 92%

    users said they were either very satisfied or satisfied while rating economic success with SMILE2

  • 91.5%

    of users believe that Lenticule Extraction with SMILE will become most popular procedure in the future2

  • 97%

    of surgeons rate their clinical satisfaction with SMILE as very satisfied or satisfied2

Source:  1Market Scope Refractive Report 2020, 2ZEISS Global SMILE Survey 2022.

Proven by thousands of surgeons around the world

With the long experience that ZEISS SMILE has as a laser vision correction solution, many articles were published on different aspects, such as clinical advantages, visual outcomes and applications.

Check out our SMILE Compendium, a digital collection of over 1,000 reviewed clinical publications that share the experiences and opinions of your peers.

Get support from day one

At ZEISS, we understand the challenges of growing a refractive practice, which is why we offer you extensive support every step of the way.

When adopting lenticule extraction with ZEISS SMILE in your clinic, you will receive not only step-by-step onboarding, but continuous support from our application and service specialists to help you improve your clinical workflow, optimize your outcomes, and professionalize your interaction with patients.

See how Maksim Solomatin, MD, and Jana Gertnere, MD, from Latvia, have benefited from the many support services offered by ZEISS, which helped them get started easily with ZEISS SMILE.

ZEISS Refractive Services

ZEISS offers you a unique set of services, developed based on the experience of more than 1,000 clinics, thousands of successfully onboarded surgeons and designed to increase your clinical confidence.

Find out how we can help you be more successful and differentiate your practice.

  • Our application specialists will guide you through a comprehensive and standardized onboarding process, consisting of online and offline training, preparation visits directly in your clinic and assistance during the first surgeries.

    Even after onboarding, ZEISS accompanies you step by step to improve confidence levels and clinical outcomes.

  • You can rely on our global network of engineers, who have received extensive training to support you whenever you need it, from installation to troubleshooting.

    So that you can focus on your business, you can also count on our set of service contracts that cover all your needs, from preventive maintenance only to all-inclusive service.

  • Benefit from a program that helps you grow your business and improve the overall patient experience. Covering the entire patient journey, our PDC managers support you with expert advice on healthcare marketing and workflow optimization, so you can improve your interaction with patients on 3 different levels:

    Patient Attraction: How can you attract more patients to your clinic?

    Patient Conversion: How can you improve the efficiency of your clinic?

    Patient Referral: How can you inspire patients to recommend your clinic?

  • In close collaboration with our customers, we offer independent, product-neutral clinical exchange among peers and the opportunity to collect data through studies.

    Because peer-to-peer exchange is so important, ZEISS leverages customer-generated clinical content in various formats and organizes global user meetings, clinical symposia and congresses, and other scientific events, giving our customers a stage to share their clinical experience, data, and knowledge.

Consult our sales team and get expert guidance and information on how you can differentiate your clinic with ZEISS SMILE.

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