On-demand webinar

Dental microscope in minimal invasive Esthetic Dentistry

14 October 2020 · 64 min watch
Author Assoc. Prof. Marko Jakovac DMD, MSC, PhD Zagreb, Croatia

The recorded webinar explains how dental microscopes with digital protocols can put dentistry on a next level

Complex oral rehabilitations are not only about appearance of a patient but also about function and functional durability. For functional durability, the knowledge about materials and precision of clinical and laboratory work is essential. The clinical part therefore is more demanding for clinicians especially if we are using a minimal invasive approach. Optical devices, such as dental microscopes can help clinicians to achieve that goal. Dental microscopes have differences in handling, ergonomics, optics and other properties.The presentation will show complex oral rehabilitation of young patient using full digital protocol. Digital protocols are possible only recently with high precision scanners and monolithic materials.

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