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The operating microscope's role in outpatient spine: From simple to high-acuity surgery

Webinar recorded during ZEISS Spine Week 2021

3 December 2021 · 30 min watch
Robert S. Brady

Robert S. Bray, Jr., MD

Neurological Spine Surgeon & Founding Director, DISC Sports & Spine Center, Newport Beach, USA


The operating microscope´s role in outpatient spine: from simple to high-acuity surgery

In this presentation, Dr. Robert S. Bray, Jr. draws on his storied career to discuss early adoption of the ZEISS microscope and its role in pioneering minimally invasive spine surgery in the United States. He delves into the migration of spine to the outpatient setting and how the microscope’s use has evolved over the years, touching on the fundamentals that have helped him optimize site of service for spine.

Using DISC’s high-acuity surgeries as a case study, Dr. Bray also demonstrates (with actual operating footage) the complexity now possible through advanced microscopic techniques while speaking to the current focus on motion preservation, which is now the biggest growth opportunity in the U.S.

Looking ahead, he shares his vision for the future and offers some advice for training the next generation of surgeons on how to adapt their use of the ZEISS microscope to achieve superior outcomes.

  • The doctor shown in this video has a contractual or other financial relationship with Carl Zeiss Meditec AG and has received financial support.

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