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Enhancing the surgical workflow: Three-dimensional 4K exoscope in minimally invasive spine surgery

Webinar recorded during ZEISS Spine Days 2022

17 November 2022 · 45 min watch
Marisa Gandia, MD
KEYNOTE SPEAKER AND PANELIST Marisa Gandia, MD Neurosurgeon, University Hospital La Paz, Madrid, Spain
PANELIST Andreas Korge, MD Head of Department – Spine Center, Schön Klinik München Harlaching, Munich, Germany
PANELIST Luca Papavero, MD Senior Professor, formerly at Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek, Clinic for Spine Surgery, Hamburg, Germany

Three-dimensional 4K exoscope in minimally invasive spine surgery

Modern workflows in spine surgery require more digital solutions. Starting with the preparation of a spine surgery, planning software needs accurate data and visual information about the given indication. The need for safety and confidence in the technologies is then at its highest during the surgical procedure in the operating room. Depending on preference and medical indication, different visualization technologies have shown their value in spine surgery.
The exoscope has proven its advantages in minimally invasive spine surgery as it allows the surgeon the usage of long instruments to work through minimally invasive retractors and tubes. The ergonomics and its handiness make it valuable during surgery. By using the 4K 3D screen, the image quality is optimal and allows the surgical team to get involved. With the hybrid capabilities of the ZEISS KINEVO 900, the surgeon can combine binocular vision and the exoscope, providing convenient flexibility in choosing the preferred visualization mode. The exoscope offers a great advantage by making it possible to switch from the screen to direct view of the surgical field and provides the required space of navigation imaging.  In summary, the exoscope represents a safe and useful digital tool to improve results in minimally invasive surgery.

The keynote presentation is followed by an expert panel discussion with Marisa Gandia, MD, Andreas Korge, MD, and Luca Papavero, MD, where topics like the selection of visualization options as well as the future potential of visualization in spine surgery are addressed.

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