Activating ZEISS RESIGHT 500/700 for surgery

5 October 2020 · 2 min watch


ZEISS quality optics for a clear, brilliant view of the retina. The varioscope optics support the microscope head to stay in one focal plane once RESIGHT® family is engaged.


Activating ZEISS RESIGHT 500/700 for surgery

Learn how to activate RESIGHT 500/700 for surgery from parking to active position below the objective lens of the microscope. Discover which functions are automatically activated including the microscope illumination and integrated image inversion (if equipped with the inverter tube), and how to store preferences in the user profiles in the ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 700 or ZEISS CALLISTO eye. In addition, recommendations on when to use the 128D wide-field lens is provided.

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