ZEISS Academic Program

Measuring Technology in Education

ZEISS recognized the importance of supporting education since the establishment of the Carl Zeiss Foundation in 1889. One of the main objectives as defined by founder Ernst Abbe was the “promotion of the sciences, engineering, and mathematics at universities through dividends from the Foundation companies.“
ZEISS has always been committed to supporting students seeking to achieve academic excellence in the traditi-onal sciences, such as physics, chemistry, biomedical education and research. We have assisted scientists in the award of 34 Nobel Prizes since 1905. Since coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and other metrology instruments are an integral part of industry, this commitment is extended to the manufacturing and engineering disciplines.
With today‘s precision manufacturing, understanding how to efficiently and accurately inspect parts is critical for students transitioning into the workforce. Our program helps accomplish this by making it easy for academic institutions to introduce the latest inspection technology into their lab curriculum by offering academic discounted pricing and FREE CALYPSO software. We combine hardware, software, training and application support into a single academic package. For more information, please contact us.
ZEISS Academic Services and Support
  • Service and applications support
  • Metrology courses for professors and students
  • eLearning and video lessons
  • Webinars focused on student learning
  • An online forum devoted to the academic community
  • Sponsor and support of Project MFG to help the next generation of trade professionals

More Information

Our program has been supporting academic institutions for more than seven years, with hundreds of systems installed at high schools, colleges and universities across the country, involving thousands of students. The program supports an average of 40 academic events per year.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, complete the form below and we will contact you. If you have any immediate questions, contact Joe Zofchak, Customer Development/Academic Program Manager at (248) 761-6078 or joe .zofchak @zeiss .com or Christian Shinners, Academic Program Specialist at (952) 232-8395 or christian .shinners @zeiss .com.