ZEISS Academic Program

Measuring Technology in Education

Our Goal — To Promote Metrology As An Essential Part of Manufacturing and Engineering Education

There is an ongoing movement to bring manufacturing skills back to the United States. Government and industry leaders are heavily investing in the economy to reverse long-term decline in manufacturing jobs. Today’s manufactured parts are more precise so that the products they are part of perform at the highest levels. Understanding how to effectively and accurately inspect them is critical for students transitioning into the workforce. ZEISS wants to help you support your students by equipping them with the metrology skills they’ll need to be the best manufacturing professionals possible!

Create an Engaging Metrology Program for Students

Prepare students for the precision measurement needs of manufacturing industries with the ZEISS Academic Program. It helps present the promise of not just theoretical but handson work by making it easy for academic institutions to get cutting-edge machinery and instruments into their school. Students will have the chance to use CMMs and other metrology equipment to better understand GD&T concepts, become a better machinist, and importantly, gain the necessary knowledge and experience for industry success as highly skilled trade professionals.

Helping to Bring the Latest Inspection Technology to Your Classroom

The ZEISS Academic Program is fully devoted to supporting your institution and student metrology needs. We’ve bundled our discounted pricing into a single academic package, which includes:

  • ZEISS Metrology Equipment
  • Free ZEISS CALYPSO Metrology Software
  • Training and Support
  • Machine Accessories
  • Learning Material
  • Educational Webinar
  • Academic Community Forum
  • ZEISS Service and Application Support

Supporting Students Across North America

The ZEISS Academic Program began its efforts in 2015. There have been over 190 machine installations at colleges and universities across the country, involving over 28,000 students. The program supports an average of 40 collegiate and academic events each year.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the program, complete the form below and we will contact you. If you have any immediate questions, contact Joe Zofchak, Customer Development/Academic Program Manager at (248) 761-6078 or joe .zofchak @zeiss .com or Christian Shinners, Academic Program Specialist at (952) 232-8395 or christian .shinners @zeiss .com.