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Do you need to measure parts quickly due to a short-term capacity issue, or are you curious about what the latest 3D measurement technologies can do for your parts and processes? Delays, bottlenecks, and/or not using the right solution can be costly and tiresome to your quality department.

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Boost your productivity and solve your quality challenges quickly. With ZEISS Metrology Services, you gain access to our Quality Excellence Center (QEC) experts across North America who work to solve your measurement and inspection challenges and improve your processes by giving you insight into the latest metrology technologies— before investing in them. Acting as an extension of your team, our QEC experts utilize our state-of-the-art metrology technologies to find the ideal solution for each of your tasks. You can expect high-quality and professional analysis from Team ZEISS.

Whether your project requires accurate CT/X-Ray external and internal geometry, ultra-precise CMM measurements, or rapid optical full surface digitalization, it's your turn to test-drive the latest technologies and experience what they can do for you.

ZEISS QEC Metrology Services Examples

  • Measurement of all components of a vehicle, from door handle and combustion engine parts such as cylinder heads and crankcases, chassis and axle parts to car body measurement
  • Reverse engineering using advanced digitalization technologies such as optical blue light 3D scanning, laser scanning, and computed tomography (CT)
  • Highly accurate measurements of reference parts, tooling, molds, fixtures, and assemblies
  • Nominal-actual comparison, curve measurement, comparison against CAD data set, GD&T surface defect, digital assembly …
  • Inspection of the geometric product specifications – dimensions, form and location – with exceptional accuracy
  • Initial sampling with test report (e.g., VDA or PPAP)
  • Creation of measuring programs for ZEISS CALYPSO, ZEISS CALIGO, and ZEISS VMR (Virtual Measuring Room software) for ZEISS ScanBox

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