High Resolution Automated Mineralogy in 3D

Game-changing technique to identify phases and texture in 3D

3D mineralogy represents a disruptive technological advance, providing a much reduced time to actionable data. We present you the whole-particle liberation studies to take a deeper insight into 3D Mineralogy with ZEISS.
In this application note you will learn about:

  • The value of 3D in automated mineralogy
  • How to shorten the path to actionable data
  • How to do automated quantitative mineralogy (AQM) with no sample prep
  • Particles have nowhere to hide with Mineralogic 3D

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  • Whole-particle Liberation Studies - ZEISS Mineralogic 3D

    Whole-particle Liberation Studies

    ZEISS Mineralogic 3D

    automated mineralogy that overcomes the issues of attempting to understand
    a 3D world by analyzing it on 2D surfaces.

  • Non-destructive 3D X-ray

    Non-destructive 3D X-ray

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    Mineralogic 3D combines X-ray microscopy with advanced machine learning to provide a true measurement of the sample with no obscured phases of interest.

  • Crystallographic mapping of hexamene crystals

    Machine learning segmentation

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    identifies each particle, and considers it individually, without the need for additives or manual separation.

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Titel of Application Note: Whole-particle Liberation Studies

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Animated Sample in 3D

More details about ZEISS Mineralogic

ZEISS Mineralogic 3D - on ZEISS Xradia X-ray microscope or microCT platforms - uses X-ray absorption imaging and advanced machine learning protocols to consistently identify phases and textures. Individual particles are automatically recognized, analyzed, and classified to provide a series of pertinent outputs such as modal mineralogy, volume, porosity, feret dimensional measurements, associations, and liberation.

If you're interested in more, visit our website to download detailed product information to learn more about ZEISS Mineralogic solutions in 2D and 3D here.

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