Light Microscopy

Long-Term Volumetric Imaging of Living Cells

@ Lattice Lightsheet 7

Lattice Lightsheet 7 makes light sheet fluorescence microscopy available for live cell imaging at subcellular resolution – while also allowing you to use your standard sample carriers. With this automated, easy-to-use system, volumetric imaging of subcellular structures and dynamics over hours and day with best protection from photo damage becomes available to everyone.

Course Details


This course will provide the lattice light sheet principle, its advantages for 3D imaging of subcellular dynamics and the skills to acquire lattice lightsheet data from a variety of specimens.

Topics of the course

  • System hardware
  • Light path principle
  • Light sheet alignment
  • Stage leveling
  • Incubation, long time experiments
  • Overview scan, volume scan, multiple positions and tiling
  • PS measurement 
  • Lattice Lightsheet processing (Deskew, Coverglass Transformation and Deconvolution)

Learning Level



Basic knowledge of light microscopy


Lattice Lightsheet 7


ZEN (blue edition)


May 3 to 4, 2023
Registration until 2 weeks prior to the course


2 days


Training and Support Center Jena



Course Fee

Per person: 1512 € (plus VAT)


Max. 3

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