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    Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH

    The headquarter of Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH is located in Jena. Further production and development sites are in Goettingen, Munich, Oberkochen, Cambridge and Peabody.

    The business sectors BioSciences, Industrial and Production are located in Goettingen.

    Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH develops software solutions and digital camera systems for microscopy in Munich. Additionally, systems for Laser Microdissection and automatisation techniques are provided.

    Cambridge, the famous University City, is where the first commercial scanning electron microscope was developed in partnership with University of Cambridge. Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd, which is still located in Cambridge, is a development, production and application site.

  • Jena
    Location Jena

    The headquarters of Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH is located in Jena.


    The business sectors BioSciences and Industrial are located here primarily focusing on montage and system integration. For instance, in the central advanced development department in Jena ideas for innovative technologies and principles are collected and feasibility studies for these applications for the whole Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH are tested. This is the pre-stage main development, which will then be implemented in our products.


    The business sector BioSciences in Jena is focused on Laser Scanning Microscopes and Systems. These appear in all business segments of biomedical research and are applied there. Scientists study with its help causes of disease like apoplectic strokes, BSE or Alzheimer’s disease. They monitor among others cell proliferation and the growth of tumors. Carl Zeiss has set a new milestone with superresolution microscopy, which provides a tenfold improved resolution in comparison to conventional microscopy. With this technology, for instance, researchers are able to inspect the position of molecules in the nano-sector. Therefore new possibilities for science arise to identify and understand the connections in cell structures.


    The business area Industrial in Jena is represented through the business segment Optical Sensor Systems. The business area offers a broad product program, from diffraction grating for different applications to spectrometer systems as well as complete measurement system solutions for process control, e.g. in the solar and glass industry.


    Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
    Carl Zeiss Promenade 10
    07745 Jena

  • Munich
    Location Munich

    Carl Zeiss Microscopy also has a subsidiary for production and development in Munich


    The BioSciences business division operates in Munich focusing on Imaging Software and Digital Microscope Cameras. Additionally, machine oriented software for all business sectors of Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH is developed in Munich and systems for Laser Microdissection and automation technique are provided.


    Today, the importance of modern image and analysis processing are increasing. While it was important to get the "perfect picture" in the past, our customers now require reproducible data to the affiliated compound. In Addition, increasing complex experiments demand a higher level of automation. Digital cameras deliver both multi-dimensional Fluorescent-shoots of low light samples as well as high resolution 2D shoots with brilliant colors. They enable and deliver the optimal presupposition for modern documentation in microscopy. Along with Imaging software solutions for image processing, the software-sided link to modern motorized microscopes from Carl Zeiss is among the products in Munich. Also, digital microscope cameras for biomedicine and material analysis are developed in this area.


    The Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH in Munich provides a modern application center with the exclusively equipped ZEISS Microscopy Labs. In this regard, our customers have the opportunity to take part from the beginning of sample preparation, to microdissection and molecular genetic analyses and finally to the digitalization of microscope slides.


    Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
    Kistlerhofstrasse 75
    81379 München

  • Oberkochen
    • Founded in 1946 as “Optische Werke Oberkochen” (later: Carl Zeiss) – American troops took 126 executives and scientists from Jena to their occupation zone
    • Development, production, marketing and distribution of field emission scanning electron microscopes and CrossBeam workstations, application development and customer demo center
    • Number of employees: around 350


    Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
    Carl-Zeiss-Str. 22
    73447 Oberkochen

  • Cambridge
    • Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd stems from the company Cambridge Scientific Instruments which was formed in 1885 by Horace Darwin and later acquired by Leica. Carl Zeiss formed a joint venture with Leica called LEO Electron Microscopes, before being fully acquired by Carl Zeiss in 2001.
    • The Cambridge location includes development, production and distribution of scanning electron microscopes (including EVO, ∑IGMA and process specific tools e.g. ParticleSCAN and JetSCAN), software and applications.
    • Number of employees: around 100


    Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd.

    Zeiss House, Building 1030
    Cambourne Business Park
    CB23 6DW
    United Kingdom

  • Peabody
    • Start-up company ALIS acquired in 2006
    • Development and production of ZEISS-exclusive ion beam microscopes such as the ORION
    • Number of employees: around 130


    Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC
    One Corporation Way 1
    Peabody, MA 01960

  • Pleasanton
    • Founded as Xradia.Inc. in 1999
    • Acquired by ZEISS Microscopy in 2013 to complete portfolio
    • Development and production of high resolution X-Ray microscopes and accessories
    • Demo facility for industrial and academia applications
    • Number of employees: around 100


    Carl Zeiss X-Ray Microscopy
    4385 Hopyard Rd #100
    Pleasanton, CA 94588
    United States