Use ZEISS ZEN lite as a Digital Microscope for Thin Section Analysis

Download these digital thin section datasets from ZEISS Axio Scan with our compliments

Full Version: ZEN 3.1 blue / ZEN 3.0 black Installation
(Windows 7 and Windows 10, 64bit systems)

Please watch this short tutorial for
viewing thin sections in Zen Lite

Thin sections can be viewed in ZEN software, including the free
ZEN Lite 3.1.

Full Version: ZEN Blue (Lite) Installation
(Windows 7 and Windows 10, 64bit systems)

  • If you are using a pre-owned licensed version of ZEN, you must use version 2.6 or higher to view the images properly. Users who currently have a licensed version of ZEN Blue 2.5 should only upgrade to ZEN Blue 2.6 using the main ZEISS software portal to view these thin sections. Only download and install ZEN Blue 3.1 using the above link if you have no previous versions of ZEN Blue 2.x.
Rhum, Unit 8 Finger Structure
Basalt with phenocrysts
Mt Hood Andesite
Mafic Gneiss, Skerricha Loop, Lewisian
HP, high strain gneiss, Glenelg
Anglesey Blueschist
UHT granulite, Eastern Ghats
Sandstone, Precambrian, Stoer Group
Berea Sandstone
Estaillades Carbonate
Mancos Shale
Challenge 1
Challenge 2

A note for academic use

Please use these datasets as common, practical material for educational purposes. With a virtual classroom you can discuss sections online together, develop exercises, and set assessments. Keep your community engaged with an online classroom experience.

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