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Additional equipment

Planetarium domes, sound systems, dome lighting, production studio and more

In addition to projection technology, planetariums use other types of equipment. We cooperate with numerous experienced partners in order to offer you, for example, projection domes, audio and lighting systems according to your requirements and budget.

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A wide range of products

Everything from a single source

The technical equipment of a planetarium consists of many components. Their smooth interaction plays a decisive role in the success of a planetarium project. Entrust your project to us as an experienced planetarium outfitter. We will coordinate all components with you as well as delivery and installation dates and you will have a competent contact person.

Overview of additional equipment

  • 3D model planetarium dome

    The size of the dome has a significant influence on the possible number of seats. However, it also determines the degree of immersion. Larger diameters are more suitable for simulating ‘infinity’ than smaller ones. The larger the dome, the higher the costs, especially for the enclosed space. Projection domes can usually be made to measure, but standard sizes are recommended. They are usually cheaper and can be delivered more quickly.

    Permanently installed projection domes differ in terms of construction:

    • Aluminium domes
    • Fibre-glass domes
    • Negative pressure domes
    • Gypsum-Rabitz domes

    The projection surface should fulfil several requirements. Shape accuracy and stability as well as a homogeneous and colour-neutral surface are important. From a dome diameter of around eight metres, the projection surface should be perforated so that there is no echo in the room.

  • LED lighting for planetariums

    LED light rings under the dome horizon are used for atmospheric lighting of the planetarium dome, but also to simulate an impressive twilight and for a variety of lighting effects. Colour mixing and control functions are integrated into the planetarium control software.

    • RGB (all colours can be mixed from red, green and blue)
    • White (often used as lighting for the entrance and exit of the audience)
  • Sound systems for planetariums

    Professional multi-channel audio systems create a spatial sound experience in the planetarium. The choice of the right components determines the intelligibility and acoustic experience. The sound equipment and the arrangement of loudspeakers and subwoofers are project-specific.

    • 5.1/7.1 audio system
    • Microphones
    • Mixing console
    • Amplifier
  • Software for planetarium operation

    If you want to produce clips and entire shows yourself, we can support you with production systems. The scope and equipment depend very much on your requirements.

    • Workstations with hardware and software
    • recording studio
    • Production/test domes
  • Control panel for planetarium operation

    The designer control desk is a large standing desk for one or two people. The desk is free-standing. It offers plenty of space for storing equipment in the operating area.

    • Two pull-outs for keyboards
    • Two flat screens can be mounted next to each other
    • Space for control panel, manuscripts, tablet, etc.
    • Compartments for holding electronic component


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