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ZEISS is making planetarium history - since 1923. 21 October of that year, Walther Bauersfeld, member of the management board and brilliant designer, presents the world's first projection planetarium at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. This is regarded as the birth of the modern planetarium and ZEISS is its inventor.

For twenty years, ZEISS has been intensively pursuing digital technologies for planetarium applications, not only relying on the integration of third-party components, but also being the only provider to create its own solutions that are primarily optimized for planetarium operation. ZEISS is also the only supplier that simultaneously develops, manufactures and installs modern optical-mechanical planetarium projectors as well as digital fulldome systems and software for planetariums.


Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH


Jena, Germany

Management Board

Dr. Stefan Haeberle (Managing Director), Dr. Bernhard Ohnesorge

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