January 2020

»Cosmos Odyssee« Available with German Narration

A Production by Kwon O Chul

»Cosmos Odyssee« tells the story of our universe, as humans understand it.

COSMOS ODYSSEE tells the story of the universe as we humans understand it. The further astronomy evolved, the bigger the universe seems to us.

For early mankind, the Sun, Moon, Milky Way and the countless stars must have been a great mystery. This show highlights and explains the countless human efforts to understand the universe. Starting from the mythological universe of antiquity, the geocentric theory of Ptolemy, the heliocentric theory, the revolution through the invention of the telescope, spectral analysis and the latest technologies in today's astronomical observations are presented. Fantastic images from the world's leading astronomical institutions, including three major observatories in the world - Mauna Kea (Hawaii), La Palma (Canary Islands) and Atacama (Chile) - provide insight into the astronomical research of our days. An exciting journey through the history of the observatories to the modern space telescope.

The show has been translated into German and is now available with German narration.