Kitz the cat’s – Supermoon Adventure

New kids' program addresses environmental protection

Neue Show-Webseiten für Planetarien

The Earth in the far future, where humanity no longer exists. Cats that survived in the debris left behind by humanity have evolved into intelligent beings. The three cats, Kitz, Tutti, and Pepe, are working as cleaners at NYASA. Today’s mission is cleaning up space junk. But these unpredictable street cats skip their work and fly to the moon! The great adventure of the three cats crisscrossing space on Galaxy Sweeper, the space junk cleaning shuttle!

In a playful yet sympathetic way, children experience where not taking care of the environment can lead. The moon adventure of the three cats arouses curiosity about space travel and science and reminds us of the first moon landings.  

The new show is a Korean production by Kwon O Chul together with Creative Summ. Kwon O Chul is known for his very successful fulldome show "Auroras - Lights of Wonder".

The exciting adventure of the intelligent cats is already available for licensing in several languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. With a playing time of 23 minutes it is very entertaining for the children and leaves room for live presentations before or after the show.

If you are interested, we would be happy to make you an offer. Until the end of 2021 we grant all buyers an introductory discount of 10 percent. Request the preview video without obligation.