Posters for Exhibitions and Presentations

Twenty poster motifs for the “100 Years of Planetariums” anniversary

On the initiative of Prof. Guilherme Frederico Marranghello from Brazil, a series of 20 poster motifs for the planetarium anniversary was created. The posters are well suited for smaller exhibitions and for presentations. We have adapted the design to the DIN portrait format. You can find versions in A2 (PDF) and A4 (JPG) format.

If you want to change the design of a poster, e.g. swap images, edit texts or add your own logo, open the PDF in Adobe Illustrator. Install the "Sensation" font for the texts beforehand. The font is available on the Internet.

Texts: Prof. Dr. Guilherme Frederico Marranghello, Volkmar Schorcht and Dr. Thorsten Ratzka. Design: Volkmar Schorcht.

The provision and use of the poster motifs is a service provided by ZEISS and is free of charge.


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