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Additional Equipment

Planetarium Domes, Sound Systems, Dome Lighting, Production Studio and More

In addition to projection technology, planetariums use other types of equipment. We cooperate with numerous experienced partners in order to offer you, for example, projection domes, audio and lighting systems according to your requirements and budget.

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We are happy to take over all of the technical equipment requirements for your planetarium. Contact us!

Munich Planetarium
Aluminium dome – Supernova Garching, photo: ESO/P. Horálek © ESO/P. Horálek
Kuppelbeleuchtung RGB, ChromaCove
Control console at Laupheim Planetarium
Mixing console

Projection domes

Planetarium dome with ZEISS equipment

The size of the dome significantly influences the number of possible seats. It also determines the degree of immersion. Larger diameter domes are more suitable for simulating "infinity" than smaller domes. The larger the dome the higher the costs, of course, and the costs rise exponentially as the dome size increases. Although projection domes can usually be made to measure, standard sizes are recommended. They are usually less expensive and can be delivered more quickly.

Permanently installed projection domes differ according to construction methods and materials: 

  • Aluminum Domes
  • Fiberglass Domes
  • Negative Pressure Domes
  • Domes Constructed of Plaster

The projection (dome) surface should meet several necessary criteria. Important are accuracy of shape and stability as well as a homogeneous and color-neutral surface. From a dome diameter of about eight meters upwards, the projection surface should be perforated so that no echo is created in the room.

Dome lighting

symbolic image

Rings of LED lighting fixtures located in the dome cove at the horizon are used for atmospheric lighting of the planetarium dome, but also for simulating an impressive twilight and for a variety of lighting effects. Color mixing and control functions are integrated in the planetarium control software.

  • RGB (all colors mixable from red, green and blue)
  • White (often used to illuminate the ingress and egress of the audience)

Audio systems


Professional multi-channel audio systems create a spatial sound experience in the planetarium. The selection of the correct components determines clarity of the acoustic experience. The sound equipment as well as the arrangement of speakers and subwoofer is project specific.

  • 5.1/7.1 - Audio System
  • Microphones
  • Mixer
  • Amplifiers

Production Systems

Production software

If you would like to produce clips or complete shows yourself, we can support you with production systems. The scope and specific equipment depend very much on your requirements.

  • Workstations including hardware and software
  • Recording studio
  • Production/test domes

Control Console

ZEISS Control Console

The designer control console is a large desk for one or two individuals. The console is free-standing and offers sufficient space for storing the required equipment in the operator area.

  • Two retractable shelves for computer keyboards
  • Two flatscreen display monitors can be mounted side by side
  • Space for a control panel, manuscripts, tablet etc.
  • Cabinetry for electronic components

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The technical equipment in a planetarium consists of many elements. Their smooth interaction makes a critical contribution to the success of a planetarium project. Trust us with your project as an experienced planetarium supplier. We coordinate all elements as well as delivery and installation dates with you and provide you with a competent contact person.


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