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The Red Planet from a cultural and scientific perspective

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About this show

»MarsQuest« is a chronicle tracing the centuries-long cultural and scientific fascination with the red planet Mars. Set in a theatrical style "three-act" form with an epilogue, it weaves a satisfying narrative of what Mars means to humanity.
The show traces Mars through history – from an "incantation" of the various War God forms given by different cultures, to the early observations of Schiaparelli and Lowell, and the infamous "canals" which led to science-fiction stories about Martians. The main part details the Mars of our time – as seen in the night sky and from Mars explorations. Mission findings from more than a quarter century of spacecraft missions feature reports on Mars weather, climate, and areology. The show also examines where on Earth one can prepare to live on Mars, what will be needed to get crewed missions there, and what the first landing may be like. The show ends with "Rhapsody On A Red Planet," a poetically-styled "ode to Mars", this time from a future perspective; an eloquent soliloquy tracing the efforts that led to the first footsteps onto the desolate and dusty Martian surface.



40 min

Target Audience

General public audiences


Fulldome show of 2D computer animated graphics


Unidirectional seating, suitable for concentric seating 


Loch Ness Productions | 2007


English, Korean, ask for other languages

Technical Data

29.97 fps, up to 3k, non-stereo, 5.1 surround and stereo sound