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ZEISS Fulldome Systems

Fulldome Systems Featuring Standard Video Projectors

Configured for Special Requirements

The use of digital projectors for dome projection requires high standards of sharpness, contrast and brightness. ZEISS offers multi-channel projection solutions for fulldome applications based on various standard video projectors. Whether 3D stereo projection, visualisations in the entertainment sector or fulldome films, ZEISS creates individual configurations tailored to your requirements. Please contact us.

Fulldome Movies

Stereo Projection

High Resolution Systems

Selected Standard Video projectors

Only projectors that have been tested for dome projection are used for ZEISS fulldome systems. Here we present a selection from our range of products.

ZEISS Fulldome Systems
ZEISS Fulldome Systems
Still from  “Glow“ by Rocco Helmchen
NASA/STSci/H.Ford (JHU), G.Illingworth (UCSC), M.Clampin, G. Hartig/ACS Team/ESA
Barco F series

Barco F70 | F80 | F90

WQXGA 1DLP laser projectors

Christie Griffyn

Christie Griffyn 4K32

4k 3DLP RGB laser projector

Sony VLP-GTZ series

Sony VLP-GTZ 240 | 270 | 280

4k SXRD laser projectors

Christie Mirage

Christie Mirage 4k40

4k 3DLP RGB laser projector (stereo capable)

Projector Solutions for Fulldome Movies

Fulldome movies are a major application of modern planetariums. They deal with very different topics from astronomy, science and entertainment. Thus, both bright and dark scenes must be depicted in an appealing way on the dome. For this reason, projectors are used here that offer a good compromise between brightness, contrast and color space.

Stereo projection in the dome
Stereo projection in the dome, photo courtesy of Orbit Animate.

Projector solutions for stereoscopic applications

Fulldome movies in 3D and three-dimensional real-time applications such as ZEISS UNIVIEW place very high demands on projection technology. The projectors used must have high brightness and be suitable for stereo functionality. ZEISS offers the corresponding projectors as well as the required shutter glasses and accessories.

Resolutions with 8k and above

A high resolution of the dome image promises more sharpness. The highest possible number of pixels is desirable, as long as the fulldome system can reproduce them completely and sharply. 4k systems with an effective 12 to 15 million pixels are widely used as standard. 8k systems are projection solutions with 25 to 27 million pixels (effective 6.5k). So-called “true 8k” projections achieve about 52 million pixels. ZEISS has developed suitable fulldome solutions for all these resolutions. We configure these individually and project-specifically according to your requirements.

Configuration Examples

The configuration examples are for your orientation. Please contact us for further configuration possibilities.

ZEISS Fulldome System

Number of projectors

Projector type

Sony VPL-GTZ 240

Dome diameter

8 m to 14 m 

Resolution (approx.)


ZEISS Fulldome System

Number of projectors

Projector type

Sony VPL-GTZ 270

Dome diameter

14 m to 18 m

Resolution (approx.)


ZEISS Fulldome System

Number of projectors


Projector type

Christie Griffyn | Mirage

Dome diameter

18 m to 30 m

Resolution (approx.)


SPACEGATE Gemini projector layout


Number of projectors


Projector type

Barco F80

Dome diameter

6 m to 14 m

Resolution (approx.)

3k - 4k


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