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Premium Digital Projector for Planetariums

The VELVET LED projector developed and manufactured by ZEISS is the only one in the world that has been created in every respect for astronomical displays in planetariums. It impresses not only with its enormous contrast ratio of 2,500,000 : 1, but also with its outstanding image quality.

Highest Contrast

Brilliant Colors

Ultimate Sharpness

Perfect Blending

Black night sky and bright stars thanks to top contrast

As the only DLP projector on the market, VELVET achieves a contrast ratio comparable to ZEISS' fibre-optic star projection. VELVET LED provides an absolutely black image background. No grey background light brightens the night sky. Stars and objects shine on deep black.

Constellations on black background Constellations on a grayish background
VELVET LED projector
standard video projector
Still picture from “Dimensions – Once upon Reality” by Rocco Helmchen Still picture from “Dimensions – Once upon Reality” by Rocco Helmchen
VELVET LED projector
standard video projector

DLP Technology and LED Light Sources for Brilliant and Stable Colors

DLP technology provides stability and ensures consistent colours and brightness for many years. Even after many thousands of hours of operation, a VELVET LED projector delivers excellent picture quality. The high contrast of the projector results in high color saturation. The eye perceives the high-contrast and color-intensive projection as particularly brilliant and pleasant. The new LED light sources provide an improved colour space compared to previous models.

ZEISS Optics for Pin-sharp Pixels and Excellent Pixel Contrast

Not only the number of pixels determines a good picture. Only the entire reproduction quality of the projection device defines sharpness and image impression. The VELVET LED incorporates ZEISS optics of the highest quality, guaranteeing impressive image quality. This is why a 6k dome image generated with VELVET LED looks sharper and crisper than many an 8k image from other systems.

Two-channel VELVET LED projection with invisible blend area
Two-channel VELVET LED projection with invisible blend area, unedited photograph.

Perfect Blending

Thanks to the absence of any backlighting by the VELVET projectors, there is no need for mechanical masks within or in front of the projection lenses, which is necessary with other projector technologies to reduce the visibility of channel blends. The transitions between the individual image channels are invisible with VELVET LED, the dome image is perfect.



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Additional Information

Developed especially for planetariums

Image quality

  • DLP technology and ZEISS optics for pin-sharp pixels and excellent pixel contrast
  • absolutely black image background, thus increased brilliance of the colors
  • high resolution for particularly detailed images: real pixels, no pixel shift


  • extended color space and more saturated colors, pure white thanks to LED lighting
  • visibly improved colour fastness compared to previous models
  • 30bit color depth for smooth color gradients without banding
  • color stability and homogeneity practically over the entire service life


  • impressive brightness for all planetarium applications
  • higher stability of brightness compared to lamp projectors


  • invisible transitions between image channels (blends)
  • blend calculations without grayscale losses
  • No mechanical masks for best possible blend quality
  • reduced overlap area between channels, thus higher pixel utilization

ZEISS lenses

  • specially corrected ZEISS lenses that take the curvature of the projection surface into account
  • optimised image quality thanks to optics with extremely high and pure color transmission
  • virtually vignette-free projection

Light sources

  • extension of availability by approx. 40 % thanks to LED light source (no warm-up, can be switched on and off at any time)

Service life 

  • very long service life of ten and more years
  • encapsulated light engine for long service free operation
  • easy adjustment, less service than projectors with color wheel
  • fast and cost-effective remote maintenance
  • service availability for at least ten years
  • significantly reduced total cost of ownership

Projector & housing

  • no stray light in projector and lens
  • light tightness, no light emission at housing parts
  • improved cooling for noise reduced operation

Configuration & calibration

  • coordinated projector and software configuration from one source
  • various configuration possibilities, also for off-center projection
  • stereo capable (active 3D projection - 120 Hz)
  • full calibration possibilities (geometry, brightness, colors)

The configuration examples are for your guidance. Please contact us for further configuration possibilities.

VELVET LED configuration

Number projectors

Dome diameter

4,5 m to 12 m

Resolution (approx.)

3 k

VELVET LED configuration

Number projectors


Dome diameter

12 m to 18 m

Resolution (approx.)

4.5 k

VELVET LED configuration

Number projectors


Dome diameter

23 m to 30 m

Resolution (approx.)

7 k

VELVET LED Projector  

Image format

WQXGA (2560 x 1600), native (up to 120 Hz)

Display technology

LVDS DMD™ with DarkChip3™
ZEISS True Black Projection Technology


corresponds to the visual impression of a projector with 2 600 lm

Contrast ratio (on-off, static)

2,500,000 : 1

Width x height x depth

approx. 674 mm x 729 mm x 500 mm, incl. lens and mount

Light sources

LED-based RGB solid-state lighting

Video inputs

2x DisplayPort digital RGB


approx. 70 kg

Projection lens


VELVET LED Fulldome System

Projektion area

360° x 180° (±15°)

Dome diameter

4.5 to 30 m (diverse Configurations)

Dome tilt

0° to 30°

Dome reflectivity

35% to 60% recommended

Edge blends between channels

electronic, no masks in front of or inside the lens


2 to 10+ channels

Remote service

optional (Internet connection required)


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