Planetarium Technology

ZEISS Star Projectors Natural and Accurate Sky Representation

The projection of an impressively clear and brilliant starry sky is the requirement of numerous planetariums, which have not only the task of imparting knowledge, but also to offer a wide range of programs from the fields of science, culture and entertainment. ZEISS attaches great importance to the projection of the starry sky, so to ensure that it appears as brilliant under the dome as it does in nature under the best observation conditions, highly developed technologies are employed.

Sophisticated Projection Systems for the Best Starry Sky Projection in the Planetarium

ZEISS fiber optics

Tiny point-shaped stars thanks to ZEISS fiber optics

Each individual star is directly illuminated by an optical fiber.

LED illumination SKYMASTER ZKP 4

Bright, Long-lasting LED Lighting

LEDs as light sources ensure high luminous efficiency, pure white stars and low power consumption.

ZEISS Software Suite for Planetariums

Wide Range of Functions and Simple Operation

ZEISS star projectors offer unlimited live operation. By specifying time and location, you can achieve a desired view of the sky within seconds.

ZEISS Star Projectors for every Dome Size and Requirement


The new Star Ball for ZEISS Hybrid Planetariums

ASTERION is designed as an optical-mechanical hybrid component for both horizontal and inclined domes from 8 m to 18 m diameter. Using the smallest Starball in the world, it projects a brilliant starry sky with a Milky Way that is particularly realistic to the eye.


The Classic Planetarium Projector for Small and Medium Dome Sizes

ZEISS SKYMASTER ZKP 4 LED is the classic planetarium projector with variable equipment for domes from 6 m to 15 m in diameter.


The Most Sophisticated Planetarium Projector for Large Domes

UNIVERSARIUM is the most powerful planetarium device from ZEISS. Designed for multimedia theaters and large domes from 18 m to 35 m in diameter, horizontal or inclined.


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