LED Display Dome
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Innovative LED Display Technology

LED display technology has developed rapidly. Today, different shapes, sizes and resolutions can be produced. LED displays offer highest brightness and vivid colors in combination with a remarkable contrast. ZEISS cooperates with a highly professional international partner network for LED dome displays.

Brilliant image quality

Flexible Dome Sizes

High Resolutions

Consistent image quality in all parameters

With unsurpassed color intensity and a wide color spectrum, as well as high brightness and contrast, zDOME allows you to dive into a new dimension of immersive displays. The direct light emission creates crystal clear images practically without cross reflections. Blending, as known from multi-channel projection solutions, is not necessary with zDOME, neither is regular geometry calibration.


Flexible and acoustically transparent dome construction

The ZEISS zDOME consists of a self-supporting steel structure to which the LED panels are attached. Customized dome sizes and orientations – whether classic, inclined or vertical – are possible. The acoustically transparent display surface guarantees a clear sound experience.

High and highest resolutions

Thanks to available pixel pitches from 2.7 mm to 4.0 mm, zDOME displays are available with resolutions from 6k to 12k.



20-meter-dome with 2.7/3.8 mm pixel pitch

Display surface

629 m2

Pixel number

53.6 Mpx

Display resolution


30-meter-dome with 2.7/3.8 mm pixel pitch

Display surface

1.414 m2

Pixel number

120.8 Mpx

Display resolution



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