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ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for Planetariums

Editing and Producing

With the UNIVIEW Software Suite for Planetariums you can create the fulldome presentations, according to your needs, with images, video sequences and audio. Edit your shows in a simple way while integrating the most diverse show elements and animate them according to your ideas. ZEISS also provides the appropriate tools for outputting your presentations to fulldome video format or for creating dome masters.

Show Creation

Large Library

Helpful Tools

Fulldome Rendering

Create Your Own Shows

With the ZEISS UNIVIEW Software Suite for Planetariums you can create compositions from different show elements such as images, video sequences and audio files. All elements are arranged chronologically on a timeline, like in video editing software. The show elements can be adapted to user requirements: define their position on the dome, animate their size or select the colors as you wish. Various presets, such as automatic crossfades, make your work easier.

NASA/STSci/H.Ford (JHU), G.Illingworth (UCSC), M.Clampin, G. Hartig/ACS Team/ESA
Draw from a Large Repertoire of Show Elements

On each fulldome system, ZEISS installs a library consisting of images, video and audio data that can be used for show production. It includes astronomical images and fulldome clips, allskies and panoramas, 3D models from space technology and music files. The library is continuously expanded.

Use Helpful Tools for more Complex Tasks

Benefit from various tools and plugins for more complex requirements relevant to show creation and production. Our software offers tools to help make numerous tasks more efficient, such as creating an image gallery or exporting the shows you have created.

Dome master
Create High Quality Fulldome Videos

With the encoder supplied with every ZEISS fulldome system, you can generate frames for fulldome projection ("dome master") into an immediately playable video. With the latest HEVC codec (option) you can achieve excellent video quality with 8 bit and 10 bir RGB color rendition.
Since all processing (distortion correction, distribution of the picture elements to the individual projectors, etc.) takes place in real time during playback, even with 8k resolutions, there is no need to “slice” the fulldome videos before projection.


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