UNIVIEW Video Tutorials

Originally made available by Sciss

These tutorials were produced and updated by SCISS and are related to the Sciss Uniview versions. Please note the related Uniview versions stated in the video headline.

Panels Presentation – A Brief Introduction

UNIVIEW 1.6 Introduction Uniview GUI (8:31)

Basic Navigation (3:08)

Basic Object Tree (5:00)

Basic Time Control (3:47)

Using Profiles (3:52)

Using Bookmarks (2:37)

UNIVIEW 1.6 A Sky Tonight Setup (11:54)

UNIVIEW 1.6 A Sky Tonight Presentation (5:56)

Using Geoscope (9:11)

Adding Custom Modules (3:22)

Custom Events and Proper Motion (6:49)

Adding Astronomical Objects (8:46)

Producer – Basic Recording (5:29)

Producer – Basic Editing (5:28)

Producer – A Flight Past Inner Moons of Saturn (32:11)

Producer – Images and Text (7:22)

Producer – Modifying Properties (2:58)

Producer – Adding Audio (6:37)

Note: that this video is not applicable to Uniview Theater 1.5 and later.

Producer – Adding Planet Layers (4:34)

HTML interface setup

HTML-based SkyTonight profile and interface (sample)