ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife Young lenses

Simply our best all-day lenses for kids and teens.
For developing eyes. For modern life.

A young boy looking up to a teen boy, both wearing ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife Young glasses
  • Looking for prescription glasses for your child? Or are you a teenager browsing for yourself?
  • You want the best glasses for children’s changing eyes, anatomy and lifestyle?
  • You want your child’s eyes and glasses to be protected?

You’re in the right place.

ZEISS SmartLife Young lenses are specially crafted for young lens wearers to offer better optical performance compared to lenses designed with adults in mind.

Made for changing faces.

A child’s anatomy changes constantly. Their eyes and faces have different proportions compared to adults. This – and their smaller frames – affect how lenses are positioned in front of the eyes. It can impact how well they’ll see.

Half of a teen boy face next to one half of a younger boys face, switching to the young boys full portrait with a face and frame scan appearing

ZEISS Dynamic AgeFit technology considers age-specific details of kids’ faces and frames – for every young wearer to enjoy spot-on vision.

Made for evolving eyes.

ZEISS Luminance Design 2.0 technology adapts each SmartLife® Young lens by considering the rapid increase in pupil diameter between ages 6 and 19.

Made for digital lifestyles.

Young girl drawing on a tablet

Kids and teenagers spend a lot of time online these days and it’s important to support their busy eyes. They view their screens at different distances than adults – after all, their arms are shorter.

Teens might need glasses for sports or support for schoolwork. But their visual behaviour is also evolving along with their social habits.

ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology matches children’s lenses to their age-related visual needs. They can focus on what matters at their stage of life.

The result.

ZEISS SmartLife Young lenses offer up to 60% wider fields of clear vision for kids’ smartphone distances compared to our single vision stock lenses which are designed with adults in mind.

See the difference.

Experience how ZEISS SmartLife Young lenses compare to conventional single vision glasses.

Always-on protection for kids’ glasses and eyes.

A young girl wearing glasses lies flat on her skateboard.

SmartLife® Young lenses always come with full UV protection. If you’re looking for blue light glasses for your child – you have that option too.

You can also add durable coatings or even make them sunnies. Rest assured – these glasses can handle kid life.

Smart  vision for  Life

Smart vision for life.

Our eyes continue to change as we age. Thankfully, ZEISS SmartLife is not just available for children and teenagers. Our entire SmartLife® portfolio includes Age Intelligence – so lens wearers can grow up and grow old with the best lenses ZEISS has to offer.

Face morphing from child to teenager to adult.
  • ZEISS SmartLife YOUNG

Let’s recap.

Make them even smarter.

These lens ingredients go well with SmartLife® Young.

You’ve chosen a lens designed especially for kids and teenagers – but you have a few more choices to make. Let’s have a look.

Your eyes

ZEISS SmartLife Young is designed especially for young eyes that need help seeing either near or far.

Your lifestyle

ZEISS SmartLife Young is tailor-made for kid life and everything they do both off- and online.

Your face & frame

Dynamic AgeFit Technology adapts the SmartLife® Young lens design to smaller kid faces and frames.

Eye protection

Full UV protection is a given in all ZEISS SmartLife Young lenses. You can also add ZEISS BlueGuard for blue light protection or PhotoFusion® X – for sunnies and eyeglasses all-in-one.

Thickness & weight

Kids shouldn’t be bothered by thick and heavy glasses. Get SmartLife® Young in a thin and light material – you have a choice. Make sure to ask your optician.

Durability & care

The ZEISS DuraVision Kids coating is a durable option that’s easy to clean and won’t break the bank. For teenagers worried about their appearance, Duravision® Platinum is the best-looking choice – no annoying reflections to spoil their selfies.

Any questions?

  • In short, SmartLife® Young lenses are designed especially for kids and teenagers who are either nearsighted or longsighted. Dynamic AgeFit technology adapts the SmartLife® Young lens design to their smaller faces and frames. ZEISS Luminance Design technology considers the increase in pupil diameter from ages 6 to 19. Smart Dynamic Optics ensures their glasses fit their dynamic visual behaviour.

  • Of course, we’re huge fans of our SmartLife® lenses. Thanks to many technologies including Age Intelligence, they’re simply our best all-day lenses, for everyone – including kids and teenagers. ZEISS SmartLife Young features optics that are optimised for the young generation.

  • If you notice your child squinting, complaining of headaches or eye pain, struggling to concentrate or adopting an unnatural posture while busy with visual tasks, please make sure to see an eye care professional for a complete eye exam. It’s best to get your child’s eyes tested at least every two years. We’re happy to help you find a trusted ZEISS partner near you to have them take a closer look. If you’d like to get an idea of how well your child sees before your appointment, try our quick and easy Online Vision Screening – it's free of charge.

  • We know this can be a real struggle, and we don’t have all the answers. We advise parents to discuss the positive aspects of eyeglasses with their kids. Treat it like a cool accessory with superpowers to help them to see and perform their very best. Involve them in the buying decision and make choosing a frame an experience. We can tell you that 81% of ZEISS SmartLife wearers adapt to their lenses in just one day.1 That’s convincing stuff that might impress even the most stubborn kid.

  • Visit an eye care professional who will answer all the questions you and your child or teenager might have. It’s always good to call before stopping in to get their full attention. Need a good recommendation? Find a trusted ZEISS partner in your area.

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    External consumer acceptance test on the ZEISS SmartLife lens portfolio, n=182 adult study participants. Aston Optometry School, Aston University, UK, 2019. (unpublished, data on file)