Glasses for children: Taking children to the optician

A few tips for children's eyes and children's glasses

Are our eyes our most important sense organ? Even more important than our skin, nose, ears and tongue? That's a difficult question to answer. However, one thing is for sure: if we – and children in particular – have a visual impairment, our orientation and enjoyment of life suffers as a result. And this is particularly the case in a world that is now dominated by visual impressions. Therefore we, as parents, should devote special attention to the eyes of our children and to their visual development. BETTER VISION has prepared a few tips about children’s eyes and children’s glasses to help you deal with this complex and important issue.

How to recognize poor vision in your child -

Make checking your child's eyesight a game they enjoy.

Optician Hendrik Gausepohl recommends keeping a watchful eye over children's visual progress. If you notice any signs of squinting, twitching or greying of the pupil, you should consult your optician immediately. The same applies if eye diseases or poor sight runs in the family. Another warning sign is if babies do not try to establish eye contact with someone talking to them.

The lenses of infants' eyes are still very soft and can accommodate very effectively, i.e. they can adapt to various distances without difficulty. If one eye is not performing as well as the other, parents sometimes do not notice that the 'good' eye is in fact compensating for the 'bad' one. It is therefore advisable to have your child's eyes tested at an early age – ideally at age three.

A visit to the optician is an absolute must before a child starts school. An eye examination at the age of 14 is essential in order to detect any changes in an adolescent's eyes, and short-sightedness in particular. The next examination is then normally conducted when a young adult is applying for his or her first driving licence.

The right spectacle frames for children

Making decisions is never easy. And it's not only the look that is important in the choice of spectacle frames for children.

Giving Children Perfect Vision

Children’s glasses have to meet demanding standards

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